Make This Your Best Year Yet With These Easy, Simple Switches

Make This Your Best Year Yet With These Easy, Simple Switches

The approaching new year is a time for evaluation. A time for thinking, "What needs to change in my life?" One of the more common new year resolutions is to be healthier and lead a more organic lifestyle. This is no easy feat, especially if trying to change everything all at once!

But there's no need to make serious commitments or radical decisions that might take too much effort to maintain. In fact, incorporating a few easy steps can really change your life! If you've ever read the book, "The Compound Effect", you'll know that it's not about making drastic changes but rather about making small decisions and consistency. Here are a few ideas for small changes you can implement:

#1 Reading Ingredient Labels

Flip that item over and READ! You'll be shocked at what you read... And it just might make you think twice before buying. Commercial soaps are mass produced and often contain harmful chemicals and detergents that are really not very “clean” after all. Instead of cleaning your body, they end up doing more harm than good. Have you read the ingredients on commercial soap packages? If so, you probably noticed a bunch of ingredients you can barely pronounce, let alone understand. Your skin is your largest organ so it’s important to take care of it. Why? Because what you put on your skin is directly absorbed into your body.

#2 Do Your Research

Ask a question and then do a little Googling. Like, "What are the chances that soybean oil is GMO?"

With thousands of products to choose from and hundreds of blogs, books, and infographics dedicated to educating and helping those with skin struggles, there's great advice and also some pretty popular myths.

We discovered many of these myths through trial and error when Chance, our third oldest son, was 5 years old and suffering from the bloody, raw, rashes of eczema. Our search for healing products sent us on a treasure hunt for creams, treatments, and expensive cures, eventually resulting in us creating our own natural goat's milk soap.

#3 Just Start Somewhere!

Start with diet? Start with exercise? Start with your skin care products? Cleaning products? Just start somewhere! One of the easiest New Year's resolutions for you to keep this year doesn't require discipline, budgeting, and virtually zero sacrifices. In fact, it's actually something many people consider to be fun and is one of the most rewarding changes you can make in your life! This resolution could even be helping to prevent dangerous diseases, like cancer. So, what is it?

Bend Soap Company

This year, make the easy switch to taking care of your skin and avoiding dangerous toxins by purchasing all-natural goat milk soap. With just a few ingredients that are pure and nourishing, our soap helps your skin be healthy and smooth all year long.

A simple bar of goat milk soap from Bend Soap Company is free of dyes, alcohols, synthetic preservatives, GMO, and other toxins. What's more, it can be used to replace so many products in your cupboards.

One bar of our goat milk soap can replace:

Goat Milk Soap from Bend Soap Company

If you really want to overhaul your skin care regimen, simply add more natural products from Bend Soap Company to your regimen. We're your one-stop-shop for all of your natural skincare needs!

Made with quality ingredients you can trust — and available at prices that won't break the bank! — you're getting more value than you could ever express. Trust us, your skin will thank you. Here’s to a happy and healthy year!

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Thank you for all the great “small change” ideas and for the wonderful family photo. We love your products and my “prince” of a husband gave me a basket full of Bend Soap products for my birthday last November. He was impressed by your customer service and the hand written note from your employee who packed the order and shipped the box. Great job “team”!

Sharon Brorson

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