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Would You Give Your Child a Cigarette?

Would You Give Your Child a Cigarette?

Your immediate answer might sound something like “Absolutely not, of course!”. It’s almost offensive to even ask a parent if they would willingly let their children sit back and relax with a cigarette in hand.

This is how people react because since the 1960’s it has been common knowledge that smoking is harmful to our health. Though, there were suspicions long before. After a doctor actually tested the effects of the ingredients in these seemingly harmless little white tubes, it took him getting the gumption to publicly say what no one wanted to hear. What society had been carelessly smoking could cause cancer, among a wide variety of health issues. Back then, nearly 50% of adult Americans smoked.

What if I told you that there is a product that could be just as serious, and nearly every American, including children, use it on a daily basis?

Now, what if I told you that the ingredients are already known for not being good for our health?

As your children innocently play in their bath, you reach for the normal soap, that we’ve all been told in countless commercials was good, safe, and gentle for our babies. You lather it on your beloved tiny people from head to toe. It’s the nightly routine.

Turning that soap around to see it’s ingredients and then looking into what they are… is nothing short of devastating. Parents need to know.

Here are just a few of the chemicals splashing around in that tub with the toys and loved ones:

  • Parabens: These chemicals are widely used preservatives in cosmetics, but in the 1990’s were found to be agents that mimic estrogen when they enter the bloodstream. When our bodies have abnormal levels of estrogen, there is the potential for reproductive issues, cancer, and more. Since parabens are able to be stored in the body, they get built up over time.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Also known as SLS, is a detergent that is responsible for the lathering foam of soap, toothpaste, and shampoo. Guess what else it’s found in? Engine degreaser. Needless to say, that’s likely why this chemical is also known for being a skin irritant (discovered first in 1983 by The American College of Toxicology). It strips our skin of natural healthy oils so it is left defenseless against all the other chemical ready to invade the bloodstream.

    Would You Give Your Child a Cigarette? - Bend Soap Company

  • Synthetic Preservatives: Chemicals like these are actually banned in other countries, yet they are in our soap. While natural preservatives have been shown to work just as well or even better, synthetic preservatives are still used. Yet, they have been known to aggravate skin disorders, morph skin cells, compromise the integrity of the skin barrier, and much more. They are unnecessary, so why risk it?

  • GMO Oils: Even some of the homemade “natural soaps” use genetically modified "vegetable oils”. We are slowly realizing we have been the guinea pigs as we get to know more about how GMO’s are affecting our environment and bodies. There are actual animal studies with genetically modified substances showing organ damage, immune system disorders, and accelerated aging and infertility. Human studies suggest that GMO's can result in autism, food allergies, and reproductive difficulties. Most focus on the food, but with our skin soaking up this everyday regime, we need to be concerned!

While reading through these ingredients, there might be the thought that “Hey, it’s just soap. It gets washed off quickly anyway!” This is also, unfortunately, not true.


Your children’s skin will soak up over 60% of the average 15-20 chemicals that are scrubbed onto them.  

It goes into their bloodstream, leaving them susceptible to health and behavioral issues.

Now for the Good News

We at Bend Soap Company have created a soap without any of these awful toxic chemicals that have been poisoning our kids for years! That’s why our goat milk products only have three main ingredients and are PACKED with vitamins!

  • Fresh Goat Milk: The beauty of goat milk is that it is gentle, brings the skin much needed Vitamin A, and leaves the healthy oils alone.

  • Nourishing Oils (Coconut, Palm, and Olive): These oils smooth, moisturize, and nourish our largest organ. They supply us with Vitamin E while fighting off wrinkles and saggy skin.

  • Essential Oils: Our soaps all smell wonderful but not because of fake, unnatural fragrances. Our scents come from essential oils, which also have many healing properties.

We share these truths with you because when we all know better, we all do better! Join us and the many others who have kicked their old soaps to the curb to grab hold of our all-natural Goat Milk Soap

We share these truths with you because when we all know better, we all do better!


Goat Milk Soap from Bend Soap Company

We teach our children not to smoke, we teach them to eat well, now let’s teach them to clean with CLEAN products! Go toxin free this year.

Happy lathering!

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