Collection: All-Natural Salt and Sugar Body Scrubs

Clean, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin in one step with our natural, non-GMO sugar and salt scrubs. Made with exfoliating sugar cane or sea salt, deeply hydrating oils, and a dash of honey, our 100% natural sugar scrubs will leave your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated all day long. These all-natural body scrubs might make you feel like you’re using a luxury skincare product, but we encourage you to use one regularly for skin that’s continuously soft, dewy, hydrated, and healthy.

Regular exfoliation of your skin allows you to scrub away dead skin cell buildup on your body and reveal newer, younger looking skin. For best results, buff away rough, dry skin by applying the scrub in gentle, circular motions. An ideal exfoliant for your entire body — face included! 


Exfoliating salt and sugar crystals gently slough away dead skin cells with ease, creating a clean and clear pathway to the new skin cells beneath. This allows our rich blend of non GMO coconut and olive oils to effectively nourish and moisturize the new skin below. You’ll be left with perfectly polished, silky smooth skin. 


Many commercial scrubs are made using sugar or salts that dissolve quickly when water is added to the mix. We specifically chose to use a thicker grain of sugar and real sea salt in our scrubs to provide you with a product that holds up longer in warm water. The end result is a product that’s gentle and effective without being rough on the skin. 

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"I have had eczema for many years. I had such a terribly painful outbreak over both hand, front and back for weeks, that I was desperate. I took a bath with the oatmeal and honey bath shavings right away, used the unscented lotion after I got out and started using the oatmeal and honey soap in the shower daily. My hands started healing the first night..."

Sarah V.

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