What We Did to Clear Up Our Son's Eczema

Young Boy Named Chance Feeding a White Goat in a Field
Let’s start with the most important part of our family’s eczema journey, the part where we found a way to successfully combat our son’s long struggle. 

There was no magic pill or quick fix; helping our son Chance to recover from eczema and maintain his healthy skin came down to a lifestyle overhaul where we got serious about removing toxic products from our household and replacing them with safe, natural, and high-quality skincare products.

Here’s the steps we took to help repair our son Chance’s skin from eczema

1. Toss the Toxins 

  • Examined all the products in our house and immediately stopped using toxic products (including laundry detergent, which was a major factor!

2. Milk Baths 

  • Made the switch to warm water (NOT HOT, as hot water dries out skin)
  • Added 1-2 handfuls of Oat and Honey milk bath. Our advice? More is better, especially at first - you can decrease later as things improve.
  • Soaked once per day for 15-20 minutes (can increase to twice a day if needed.)
  • Don't rinse off! (We let the natural products continue to nourish his skin.) 

3. Moisturize with Goat Milk Lotion 

  • The Unscented or Oatmeal and Honey options were the most beneficial for sensitive skin


Where It All Started

Our son, Chance, was diagnosed with eczema at a young age. We were desperate for a solution and concerned about the consequences of using toxic products, so we created an all-natural goat milk soap to soothe his skin and eliminate his eczema. Now, we’ve made it our mission to provide the same relief to families just like ours.

— Dwight & Marilee Johnson, Founders 

Breaking Free From Eczema

The endless trial-and-error, product research, and waiting time to determine product effectiveness finally led us to our breaking point. We spent months in this phase, desperately searching for a solution for our son. Our whole family suffered along for the ride. 

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, which goes double for parents who have had to watch their children struggle with a health condition. Helping soothe our son’s skin was the inspiration for creating a natural Goat Milk Soap and skincare line. When we finally realized our soap worked? It was like we’d been given a new lease on life. 

Our son’s skin relief solidified our goal to keep creating these products and share them with the world. We want every parent - and anyone who has battled with eczema- to experience that kind of freedom.

Our Mission

At Bend Soap, we believe that the human race doesn’t deserve to be poisoned; everyone should have access to affordable healthy solutions. 

And yet…

The typical eczema journey seems to always follow this path: 

Seek help for eczema > get prescribed steroid creams > attempt bleach baths > purchase expensive product after expensive product without any meaningful relief > repeat.

We weren’t satisfied with these common short-term solutions, and we wouldn’t settle for less. Our son, and our customers, deserve better than that. 

We believe in being transparent, and while the cause of eczema is still a mystery, we’re filled with joy to be able to share solutions to mitigate and relieve the condition. 

For over 10 years, we’ve remained dedicated to providing healthy, affordable skincare solutions and are uncompromising in our commitment to natural ingredients. 

The Johnson Family