Our Mission

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Soap Made with Integrity

Here at Bend Soap Company, we make amazing, wholesome, all-natural goat milk soap. It’s amazing because each bar is crafted to change lives. Our first bars of goat milk soap were created to relieve our son, Chance’s, eczema. He would scratch his legs until they bled and nothing we tried seemed to help! In fact, we discovered that the soap we were using would irritate his skin even more and lotion would make it burn. One look at the ingredients label told us why. Read our full story here.

Many Soaps & Lotions Are Full of Junk

We were sick of chemicals and genetically modified substances being in places they have no right to be in like soap! So we set out to help our son, determined to steer clear of all chemical, synthetic, genetically wacky substances. When we couldn’t find anything that worked we decided to make our own. When we got into making our own all-natural goat milk soap, each ingredient was diligently researched and selected for its incomparable skincare health benefits. Chance started using it and a short while later his eczema was gone! We’ve seen firsthand how goat milk soap and freedom from the dry, red, itchy symptoms associated with eczema has changed one little guy’s life, now we want to see it change many others.

Goat Milk Soap was Just the Beginning 

Friends and family heard that we started making goat milk soap and wanted a piece of the action. All of those healing properties made people's skin feel and look great. They couldn’t get enough. So we started a goat milk soap business and haven’t looked back. Here at Bend Soap Company we are on a mission to make all natural skincare products that work, change a few lives for the better, and have a blast doing it. We’ve added all natural goat milk lotion to our product line and we are continuously researching new all natural skincare opportunities. We hope you join us in this adventure and enjoy all the benefits that goat milk soap and all natural skincare products have to offer.

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- The Johnson Family