Lip Butter

Lip Butters that Hydrate & Defend

With so many lip balms out there, it can seem like such an endless search for one that will actually work! Well, we felt this same frustration and decided to create an all-natural lip butter that can stop the disappointing cycle.

We have created our lip butters by choosing only quality hydrating kinds of butter (cocoa, mango, and shea) along with a blend of nourishing oils that contain natural SPF properties (coconut, palm, and raspberry seed). We even added Vitamin E to our formula which is an extremely important ingredient for healthy lips!

About Our 3 Butters

Shea, cocoa, and mango are essentially super butters with extensive benefits. 

About Our Oils

We use oils that consist of healing and helpful properties that defend and hydrate lips. Coconut oil has an SPF of 4-6, while raspberry seed oil has an SPF that ranks from 20-25. The Vitamin E is added to help protect skin exposed to the sun. 

We have researched and specifically chosen all of these ingredients to protect your skin against the sun, considering their antioxidants and SPF rankings.

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