5 Incredible Benefits of Goat Milk Soap


Too many families are using soaps that contain toxic and harsh ingredients and what's frightening is, hardly anyone knows that they're actually using what the FDA classifies as detergents. Few people realize there's a much better alternative that genuinely nourishes and maintains the health of your skin. According to the FDA, synthetic soaps are causing great distress because of how they often dry and irritate the skin. Raw goat's milk is the secret behind our transformative soap and provides terrific benefits when used. 

What is Goat Milk Soap?

Goat milk soap is the new rage in beauty circles, with many claiming it provides they perfect balance of hydration and cleanliness. The use spans back a millennia - even though modern day recipes haven't changed much at all!

Goat milk soap is a great way to get all that nature has provided for your skin: rich and creamy fats found in goat milk provide moisture and nourishment that's out of this world. 

This page reviews exactly what you need to know about goat milk soap, including its benefits, uses, and its ability to help treat skin conditions.

Benefits of goat milk soap

1. It makes skin vibrant and youthful

Skin benefits significantly from the high concentration of Vitamin A that resides in goat milk. There have been several studies that show creams made with Vitamin A reduce lines and wrinkles, control acne, and provide psoriasis and eczema relief.

The alpha-hydroxy acids in goat milk attack the "glue" that binds dead skin cells together. With these bonds are broken, those dry, lifeless cells are removed to reveal young, healthy skin beneath. Goat milk is loaded with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin function, facilitate skin renewal, and protect against free radicals.

Since goat milk penetrates the layer of dead cells and the skin easily absorbs it, it delivers these vital nutrients where it counts -- to the living tissue that can use it. Combine these excellent benefits of goat milk along with the coconut, olive, and palm oil found in every bar, and you've got a rejuvenating power elixir made just for your skin.

Woman washing face with goat milk soap in shower

2. It's a gentle yet effective cleanser 

Most commercial soap relies on harsh detergents to cleanse the skin. These detergents, along with a myriad of chemicals found in commercial skincare products (like alcohols, parabens, dyes, and synthetic preservatives), do more damage than good. Have you ever used a bar of soap that dried your skin out or caused you to itch like crazy? Our Goat Milk Soap won't. That's because we make our soap from goat milk, coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil. All of which are natural ingredients known for their skin-soothing effects and rejuvenating benefits. Compare these with petroleum-derived detergents and you'll begin to understand why synthetic skincare products irritate your skin. 

3. The fatty acids soften and moisturize the skin

The fatty acids and proteins of goat milk work with the premium skincare oils and glycerin to moisturize and hydrate the skin. But, there's a difference between moisturizing and hydrating the skin.

Moisturizing is the act of coating your skin with a moisture barrier, and in this case, the fat molecules from goat milk, coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil. This coats all of those little cracks and gaps between cells, seal the moisture in, and leaves skin feeling smooth and supple. Think of cream cheese spread over toast. Hydration is the act of attracting and filling cells with water.

Did you know that when you're dehydrated, your skin loses elasticity? Pinch your skin while dehydrated and let go, the skin will stay "tented" for some time before returning to normal. The proteins and fats found in goat milk and glycerin penetrate the skin then attract and hold water to themselves. This drawing of water into the actual cells leaves your skin feeling taut and firm. The moisturizing and hydrating abilities of goat milk soap reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Man washing hands in sink with goat milk soap

4. Supports a healthy skin microbiome

Goat milk soap can help you have a thriving and beneficial skin microbiome. The gentle dirt-removing properties of goat milk soap mean you can keep your skin's natural oils, moisture levels and healthy bacteria which will improve its barrier against pathogens. This has shown to help prevent various types acne or eczema.

5. It does wonders to soothe sensitive skin

We started making goat milk soap to relieve Chance's eczema (read more about our story here), and it worked! In fact, many other Bend Soap Company enthusiasts have found that our goat milk soap has significantly reduced their eczemapsoriasis, or dry skin. If you're interested in learning the "how" behind what goat milk soap does for your skin (or if you're just a soap nerd like us), check out The Science of Goat Milk Soap.

The bottom line

All-natural goat milk soap is a perfect choice for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone looking to replace their chemically-laden brands of soap with a powerful all-natural replacement. 

Its creamy lather lends itself exceptionally well to conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin, as it keeps skin moisturized, nourished, and hydrated thanks to its non-stripping properties. 

People suffering from acne seem to love it's gentle but effective use in treating as well as preventing flareups.