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10 Ways to Use Your Soap Bar (Aside from the Obvious)

10 Ways to Use Your Soap Bar (Aside from the Obvious)

So, maybe you got hooked on our Goat Milk Soap right after you bought a year supply of Dove soap from Costo. Or, maybe you've decided you're ready to make the switch to Bend Soap Company's Goat Milk Soap! Either way, here's the post you've been waiting for. Here are 10 ways to use your soap bar. 

Here are 10 ways to use your bar of soap: 

  1. Slide soap across zippers, drawer tracks, screen doors, or anything else that sticks. The soap will serve as an invisible lubricant and squeak repellent.

  2. Before you go work in your garden this spring or summer, scratch a bar of soap. The soap under your nails will keep the dirt out and wash easily after your garden session.

  3. Put leftover soap slivers in a nylon or mesh bag and hang in your car. Ta da... Odor be gone!

  4. Kids are usually perfect, right? Well, if you ever have to wash out a dirty mouth, make sure it's all-natural Bend Goat Milk Soap. No chemicals here!

  5. Rub a screw or nail over a bar to help prevent wood from splitting and keep the screw bit from stripping out. Little kiddos love to help you out with this during a home construction project.

  6. Mark hems or other measurements with a white bar of soap (your old Dove will work best). It washes out easily and doesn't harm the fabric.

  7. Have a smelly gym bag? Keep a couple soap scraps in a side pouch and drop into the bag with your dirty clothes after you've changed. It works wonders at keeping your bag smelling fresh.

  8. Make a new pin cushion! Decorate a bar, or just stick the pins directly into your soap! Not only will it keep your sewing area smelling fresh and your pins organized, but they'll also be lubed-up for easy fabric insertion.

  9. Discover pipe leaks by rubbing soap over the surface. If the soap bubbles, you'd better get out those plumbing tools (or, better yet, call the plumber).

  10. Create a Sudsy Fish and make bathtime more fun! Learn how, Learn how, here.

Remember, there are many different ways you can use a bar of soap, but these were our top picks to start getting your imagination rolling. What are your favorite tips and tricks for using soap to clean up your life?