Goat Milk Lotion Without Chemical Preservatives!

We are very proud to offer this 100% All Natural Goat Milk Lotion. When we say “ALL NATURAL LOTION,” we really mean it. No alcohols, dyes, parabens, phthalates, synthetic preservatives or other toxic components will ever be found in our lotions. There are NO GMO ingredients (including corn or soy oils) or preservatives. 

Formulated for sensitive skin: Hypoallergenic and Gluten-Free!

Goat Milk Lotion -The Ultimate in Vibrance

The benefits of goat milk are becoming more and more well-known all the time. So it’s natural that folks would want a lotion made from goat milk! It is said that Cleopatra herself once soaked her skin in luxurious goat milk baths in order to maintain her skin’s vibrance and youthful appearance.  We’ve formulated this unique goat milk lotion for this very reason!! It’s thick and creamy, goes on smoothly, isn’t oily at all, and moisturizes your skin like you wouldn’t believe!

100% Natural Lotion Ingredients:

Water, Goat milk, Shea butter, Rice bran oil, Vegetable source natural emulsifying wax, Palm stearic acid, Aloe vera, Vegetable glycerin, Natural and organic scents, Silver dihydrogen citrate, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid (natural preservatives).

6 Benefits of Using All Natural Goat Milk Lotion

Our goat milk lotions are FULL of luxurious benefits for your skin! You’ll love how soft your skin feels when you choose all-natural goat milk lotion to hydrate and protect your skin.

Each natural lotion is lightly scented with 100% natural (organic and even edible!) scents that aren’t overpowering. Because these lotions are 100% natural and contain natural preservatives, their shelf life is not indefinite. To help the lotions last longer, avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat. Best used within 6-8 months of opening.