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4 Myths About Sensitive Skin You Keep Believing

4 Myths About Sensitive Skin You Keep Believing

The National Eczema Association claims there are nearly 30 million eczema suffers in the United States and millions more than that would describe themselves as "sensitive-skinned."

With thousands of products to choose from and hundreds of blogs, books and info graphics dedicated to educating and helping those with skin struggles, there's bound to be awesome advice, along with some pretty populated myths.

We discovered many of these myths through trial and error when Chance was 5 years old and suffering from the bloody, raw, rashes of eczema. Our search for healing products sent us on a treasure hunt for creams, treatments, and expensive cures, eventually resulting in us creating our own natural goat's milk soap allows Chance and hundreds of other users to live free from sensitive skin rashes.

Here's what we've learned from our own experience, research, and many stories of sensitive skin sufferers:

Myth #1: "Hypoallergenic" means non-irritating

Hate to break it to you, but "hypoallergenic" is actually just one big nonsense word. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that "There are no federal standards or definitions that govern the use of the term 'hypoallergenic'." Bummer.

For some companies, hypoallergenic may mean "gentle," or "allergen free," but bottom line, we just don't know. That term can mean "red-dye-spiders-in-cod-liver-oil" if that's what the company wants it to mean.

Myth #2: Eczema and Psoriasis can be cured with steroids

False. There is no cure for eczema or psoriasis. While these skin conditions are often treated with steroids, they can often be ineffective.

Myth #3: Your skin is dry because of lack of water

Drinking lots of water is a good thing, but your skin may be dry and sensitive because you are stripping the oils from the skin's surface. Many skin products (yes, even "sensitive skin" products) strip the natural oils and change the PH of our skin. If your skin products contain sodium lauryl sulfate, you may be dehydrated from the outside in.

Myth #4: The more expensive the cream, the more it will help

In our search to help Chance's eczema, we found this to be completely false (as have many other sensitive-skinners). Expensive creams and treatments are more indicative of a successful packaging and marketing plan than a life-changing cure. In fact, we found that for under $5, we could do more than all the treatments and salves we tried combined.

Here's How We Beat Eczema

After months of research, we mixed together the highest quality ingredients we could find, to create a soap bar that has relieved hundreds of people who, like us, tried every other myth, cure, treatment, salve, and cream they could get their hands on. This soap nourishes the skin with antioxidant-rich goat's milk and natural oils that correct the skin's PH balance and allow your body to heal itself!

Here's what we use when we create each bar of soap:

  • Fresh Goats Milk
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Red Palm Oil

We aren't doctors, and we don't claim to cure with our soap, but we encourage you to read the testimonials of those who have been helped by our soap.

Enough of those myths! Let's use what works.