Are You Our Next Soap Star?

Join an enthusiastic community and help change a life forever.

The Soap Collective

We're happy you stopped by to learn more about The Soap Collective. At Bend Soap Company, we handcraft 100% natural and non-toxic goat milk skincare products on our Bend, Oregon farm. We'd love for you to join us in spreading the word that natural, recognizable ingredients can change lives - without sacrificing the health or well-being of one's self. Join us and help us show others that what you do put on your body is just as important as what you don't.

Program Perks

  • Up to 12% Commission on New Purchases, Plus 3% on Recurring Purchases
  • Exclusive Discounts and Quarterly Credits
  • Generous Incentives, Goals, and Contests
  • High Perfoming Marketing Resources
  • Dedicated Community Manager

A Feel-Good Mission

The real impactful stories at Bend Soap Company easily ignite the passion in all of us. Feel good about every minute you spend sharing Bend Soap Co. with others.

Who We Are

For years our son Chance struggled with his skin, including periods of really bad eczema outbreaks with no relief. We tried everything. One day we heard about the power of goat milk when used in soaps and lotions and things had gotten so bad with Chance, that we finally took a shot and had him try it. The soap did wonders....

Now, not only does our son have healthy skin, we couldn’t imagine life without our secret to skincare, 100% all-natural, skin rejuvenating goat milk soaps, lotions, and bath products!

Who You Are

You are the kind of person who cares deeply for their family's well-being, and you go to great lengths in order avoid anything that could potentially harm them. As your family’s dedicated health advocate, you are passionate about providing your loved ones with natural skincare and bathing products. You appreciate the power of building meaningful relationships with your community and using that to make an impact in other people's lives.

Are You Our Next
Soap Star?

Join an enthusiastic community and help
change a life forever.

Where Do You Fit?

Bend Soap Company has developed The Soap Collective to uniquely cater to your current online journey. Read the descriptions of each program to see where you fit and click “Apply Now” to learn more and join.


You’re a regular customer and already refer us to friends and family. You are not focused on building a following or a platform but you’d like to be involved more in our mission and get rewarded for your efforts.

*Receive store credit for your social media promotion efforts


You’ve built a reconigzable platform and it’s growing. You have influenced others to make buying decisions that relfect your own. Affiliate revenue is an income source and your efforts contiuously produce results.

*Receive up to 12% Commission PLUS 3% recurring commission


You’re an affluent paid content creator and other’s recognize you for your intriguing lifestyle and values. Your gorwing influence constantly inspires others to make buying decisions that reflect your own.

*Receive competitive paid compensation