15 Perfect Gifts for Every Mom's Love Language

15 Perfect Gifts for Every Mom's Love Language

Mother’s Day is almost here which means that it’s time to show your Mom just how much she means to you. But don’t just grab a card or bouquet of flowers and call it good. What’s meaningful and special to one Mother isn’t always meaningful to the next. Sure, your Mom would appreciate anything you gave her, but a physical gift may not be that meaningful (or necessary) when she's really hoping you'll pause the frantic business of life and simply take time out of your day to sip tea and visit with her. 

Mom’s are unique in the ways they parent, love, support, and raise their families. Shouldn’t the Mother’s Day gifts we give them be just as special?  

If you’re stressing over finding the perfect gift, your friends at Bend Soap Co. have you covered. We've scoured reviews, studied what works, and done the research for you! Here you’ll find a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas categorized by the 5 Love Languages

New to the 5 Love Languages?

Created by Dr. Gary Chapman, the concept behind The 5 Love Languages is simple: Not everyone communicates love in the same way and people have different ways they prefer to receive love. Relationships grow better when we understand each other. Love languages are broken down into five different ways of expressing and receiving love: 1.) Words of affirmation, 2.) Quality time, 3.) Receiving gifts, 4.) Acts of service, and 5.) Physical touch.

No matter what your Mom’s love language may be, there's something on this list that’s sure to make her feel special and adored this Mother’s Day.

Words of Affirmation

Does your Mom thrive on spoken or written encouragement? Some of us don't have a way with words, and we even struggle to tell our Mom we love her, but if your Mom's main love language is words of affirmation, it's time to find a pen and get to work. Write a note, tell her why you’re proud of her, and make her a big deal with your words. We’ve outlined some ideas below. 

1. Tell her how helpful her advice has been

Moms give a lot of advice and it would be wonderful for her to hear or read how her words have impacted your life in a positive way.

2. Share what you appreciate about her

Jot down a note filled with the little things you love about your Mom. Don't just assume that she already knows! She’ll love to be reminded about what you love and adore about her.

3. Write down quotes that make you think of her

You can write them on a card but if you want to be a bit more creative, write the quotes on sticky notes and hide them around the house. Place them in the book she’s reading, in her wallet, in her car, and any other place that will surprise and delight her whenever she finds them. 

Acts of Service

If your Mom’s love language is acts of service, hearing “let me do that for you!” is probably music to her ears. All Moms will appreciate you lifting some of the weight, but if your Mom is an act of service type of gal, a helping hand will mean 10x more.

4. Cook a meal

Give her a break from cooking and make a tasty meal you two can enjoy together. Cook dinner for her on Mother’s Day or think about a meal you can prepare ahead of time and slip into her freezer for her to prepare on her own.

Cook a meal

5. Offer a helping hand

Deep clean a spot that your Mom uses a lot like her home office, the kitchen, or even her car. Better yet, get up a few hours early to do whatever work project she wants to get done. For any Mother, this is a HUGE blessing and will provide time for both of you to bond. To top it off, stock the kitchen with a couple of bars of our all-natural bars of goat milk soap to use as a natural dish soap.

Quality Time

Sometimes, Moms simply want the gift of your presence. The Mom with quality time as a love language will love and cherish your undivided full attention. Being there for this type of Mom is critical and a failure to listen can be hurtful. Chocolate, flowers, and clean kitchens are nice, but they value time with you more than any gift. Whatever you do doesn't really matter, just make sure that you’re fully present (yes, that means turn off your phone!) and able to give quality time with your Mom. 

7. Plan a special outing or date 

Pick a spot that your Mom loves and plan out a date night or fun outing with just the two of you. Go to lunch, grab froyo, grab her favorite beverage and take a walk in the park, or get reservations at a favorite restaurant. If your Mom values quality time, it's what she wants!

8. Tackle a project

Ask your Mom if there's a project she'd like to tackle together. This is a double gift because you're helping your Mom get something done on her long to-do list and you've been able to visit and catch up on each other's lives.

9. Do what she loves to do

Spend time with your Mom doing something she loves to do. Scrapbook, bake, enjoy a long walk, tend the garden, get a pedicure, or go for a mountain bike ride (if she loves it, do it). If you and your Mom have different ideas of a "good time," ask her what she wants to do first.

Physical Touch

For the Mom who has physical touch as their primary love language, a simple hug or holding her hand will mean more than a beautifully handwritten card or expensive gift. Nearly every Mom would love the relaxation of a spa day, but to a Mother who has “Physical Touch” as her love language, physical attention is crucial. The gift ideas we’ve outlined below will have even more meaning to Mom this Mother’s Day.

10. Spa day

Who doesn't love a massage!? All Moms will LOVE this gift! For a special touch (no pun intended 😉), set up your own at-home DIY spa day and give your Mom a massage yourself. We’ve outlined an easy and affordable foot soak routine for soft feet which will come in handy for this gift idea!

11. Offer her a relaxing hand rub

Help Mom relax, unwind, and feel a little pampered by offering her a hand massage. Grab a bottle of natural lotion and gently rub and massage into your her hands. She’ll love how silky smooth her skin feels afterwards. For an added treat, give her hands a gentle exfoliation using a small amount of sugar scrub before the massage.

12. Give hugs!

Regardless of what you do on Mother's Day, give your Mom lots of hugs! Even if you're not the touchy-feely type, if your Mom's love language is touch, she'll love it!

Receiving Gifts

If receiving gifts is your Mom’s love language, thoughtful gifts make her feel like she’s a priority in your life. But the gifts don’t have to be high ticket items that cost a fortune. Tangible symbols that reflect your thoughtfulness and effort will make Mom swoon. When it comes to gifts, don't go generic. We know all of us aren't the "Pinterest-y" type, so if you aren't much of a creative crafter make sure you pick out something that reminds you of your Mom or something that will really make her feel special. For those of you who really want to hit a home run this Mother's Day, here are some simple ideas.

13. Customize a Gift Set from Bend Soap Co.

Okay, ready to knock Mother's Day out of the park? This is it. Not only will your Mom adore you for bringing her such a thoughtful gift, but she'll thank you every time she soaks in a luxurious milk bath or hydrates her skin with all-natural goat milk lotion (and she'll continue to thank you when she notices that her skin remains silky smooth after just one use!) 

Mother's Day Gift Set

Our new Mother’s Day Gift Set is a beautifully crafted gift basket that's customized to perfection and made just for Mom! It comes pre-wrapped with everything she could possibly dream of to soak, scrub, soothe, and restore her youthful glow! Better yet, give her this thoughtful gift along with one of the other gift ideas from this list! It's hard to beat wholesome, nourishing skincare products that make you look and feel your best every time you use them.

14. Frame the kids (or your own!) artwork

Moms are always proud of their children's accomplishments and the accomplishments of their kiddos. Regardless of your age, if art is your thing or your children's thing, Mom will love it! This is a great option for all of you Dads out there!

15. Create a photobook

Whether you're a die-hard scrapbooker or a disposable camera photographer, figure out a way to share some of those family pics with your Mom. Create a customized scrapbook using a simple photo album from Target or customize a ready-to-go photo album book online. Your Mom will cherish looking through all of the memories you’ve created together over the years.  

Back to You

Approaching Mother’s Day through the lens of the 5 Love Languages is a fun and challenging way to make Mother’s Day meaningful and special. Mother’s Day isn’t about the dollar amount you spend. It’s about making your Mom — and any other special Mother figures in your life — feel loved and appreciated. 

Join the conversation! Let us know what your Mom’s love language is and share what gift idea you’ll be going with this Mother’s Day. Leave a comment below. 

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    Ever since my son & his wife introduced me to Bend Soap , I have fallen in love with the soap. I consider it a WONDERFUL gift to give to moms everywhere ,especially to us aging moms. We enjoy our skin feeling good too. I wish I could have shared it with my mother. She would’ve really liked this soap.


    Thank you for sharing!


    Great gift for Mother’s Day!


    My love language is definitely time spent together. So for this Mother’s Day we will be enjoying a picnic together 😊


    Wonderful gift ideas for Mom for Mother’s Day!


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