5 Things Every Mother Does that Go Unthanked

5 Things Every Mother Does that Go Unthanked

Here’s a question: have you ever sat back and thought about all of the tasks, errands, chores, etc. that your Mom has done for you that have gone without notice, or receiving even a simple “thank you”? We’re talking about ALL of the little things that make a household run like a well-oiled machine and make our lives, well, easier.

Here at Bend Soap Company, we believe that Mother’s Day is a day where we can focus on Moms so that they can feel acknowledged and appreciated for all they do. It’s another chance for us to voice our appreciation for the most honored and underappreciated person in our lives  our Moms  and thank them for all of the thankless jobs that they’ve done for us. Not only that, but this is also an opportunity for us to reflect on how we can help contribute more of our time throughout the year to serve this dear woman and make her load a little lighter. Because if we dive into taking care of some of the thankless chores Mom does for us, it means Mom will finally have time to rest and relax a little more, which sounds great to us!

There are a million+ things on the list of things our moms do for us that go unthanked, but here are five we think are worth mentioning. We hope that by opening our eyes to some of the many jobs Moms do for us, we’ll all be able to notice them in the future and thank her (or better yet, help her by taking care of them ourselves!)

5 Things Every Mother Does that Go Unthanked

#1 Multitasking!

It’s the trick every Mother seems to know and master. From coordinating farm chores, phone calls, clean-up, laundry, trips to the grocery store (again!), homeschool projects, snack time, more errands, baths, and a quick shower, all while potty training the toddler and being available to talk about whatever’s on the heart of a child or husband… a Mother has this unique ability to manage it all. This list could go on forever. Moms are truly the ultimate project manager! How do they keep things so organized and well planned? It’s a mystery only they will know...

#2 Know just the trick to get stains out of clothes

Why is it that Mothers are so good at getting stains out of clothes? There are many families out there where laundry is a shared household chore, including ours (YEAH for helpers!), but when it comes to stains, Moms have that magic touch for getting even the most perplexing stains out of clothes. Here at Bend Soap Company, Marilee has had to get pretty crafty through the years in an attempt to keep all nine of her children's clothing spot-free. She’s even made up a DIY Goat Milk Laundry Detergent recipe that’s able to get coffee, blood, sap, and a LOT of dirt out of clothes (this one is definitely worth trying!)

#3 Never mind keeping us fed

Think about the countless times that Moms have had to hear kids (and hungry dads!) say things like...

“I’m starving”

“I’m hungry!”

“Can I have a snack??”

“When’s dinner?”

It makes us wince thinking about how needy we could be at times (sorry, Mom!). But, a Mother knows that a full belly is a happy one (and that all bad report cards should be shown to dad after he’s had a good meal, not when he’s hangry), so going through the extra effort to prepare our food (or even making sure to pack along a trail mix bar in her purse) never seems to phase them. And don’t even get us started on the hurdles they face when they have a picky eater in the family...

#4 Stay up with us when we can’t sleep

Whether it’s the 24-hour flu, a bad dream, or just a case of insomnia, when the world is falling apart, sometimes Mom is the only person who can make things right again. And while Mom stayed up until the wee hours of the night, making sure we had a full night of slumber, you can bet that we were crawling into her bed at 6 AM the next day looking for a little more love and attention.

"...When the world is falling apart, sometimes Mom is the only person who can make things right again."

#5 Give up their “me time”

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that when it comes to their kids’ needs versus their own needs, their children will always come first. For many Moms, this means less time to hang out with their girlfriends, a reduction in gym time, and fewer moments of silence throughout the day. And out of all of the thankless jobs that we listed above, we think this might be the most amazing!

For a Mother, simple things like taking a bath, reading a book, window shopping, eating out, grabbing a dessert, visiting on the phone with a friend, going to meet someone for coffee, etc. get pushed farther and farther back on the priority list until they don't even register. And Moms can even feel guilty for taking time for themselves! However, giving out without replenishing the tank, can often lead to burnout or even depression. That's why offering to help and encouraging taking time for themselves is so important. And Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity!

"...Giving out without replenishing the tank, can often lead to burnout or even depression."

Imagine just how impactful it could be if we all encouraged our Mom  or the special Mother figure in our lives  to pay attention to what they need. This could be as simple as time with friends, rest, food, exercise, or a simple cup of coffee at their favorite cafe. Because after all, there’s nothing more powerful than a healthy, happy Mom, right?

Put Mom at the Top of Your To-Do List

This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation for your Mom by serving her for a change! We want to encourage you to think about how you can honor your Mom or a special Mother figure in your life and remind her what a wonderful gift she is to you. Not sure where to start? Perhaps you could show her your love and appreciation by taking on some of the things she normally does so that she can enjoy some “me time”!

Now, Mother’s Day isn’t all about gifts, but we’re ALL about spoiling Moms and we've come up with a motherlode of a Mother’s Day gift! We’ve created a special collection of natural skincare products for her to have a spa day… Day after day. Imagine allowing her to rest and rejuvenate her much-deserved body and soul.

Here’s what’s included in the Essential Gift Set:

  • 1 bar of all-natural Goat Milk Soap
  • 1 all-natural Lip Butter
  • 1 all-natural Goat Milk Lotion
  • 1 Loofah
  • 1 Sugar Scrub

    You can think of Bend Soap Company as your “one-stop shop” that includes all of the things necessary to help Mom relax, unwind, and enjoy herself. Our hope is that when the Mothers out there use these products, they’ll feel refreshed, beautiful, healthy, and loved. What could be better than that? Order your Essential Gift Set now!

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