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The #1 Gift Mom's Sure to Love

The #1 Gift Mom's Sure to Love

My heart melts when I hear a young child call for their “mommy.” The child reaches their tiny hands up where they find the trust and comfort of their mother’s hand — a tight but gentle grasp. Mothers listen intently to their children’s thought process of curiosity and questions throughout their days. With patience and consistency, the mother tends to the needs of her children.

The relationship between a mother and her child paints a beautiful picture of what love is. From the beginning of a child’s life, the mother seeks out the best interest of her baby. From warmth, health, safety, to hunger, restlessness, temper—motherhood requires 24/7 alertness and persistence to care for a child. This is a long-term “job.” Day in and day out, a mother is always there. 

Mother's Day - Bend Soap Company

Mother’s Day is a day where we choose to recognize everything that mother’s do; it helps us to remember to thank them. To honor and give a little something in return for all that they have given us. To assist you in showing your mother this love and gratitude we've created a beautiful Mother's Day Deluxe Gift Basket that's full of skin-loving and pampering goat milk products that will treat her with special care.

Our goat's milk products are healthy, rich in nutrients and wonderfully caring for the skin. This gift basket is the ultimate pampering gift for your mother to take care of herself at the beginning of the day, at the end of the day, or all the times in-between of tending to all of her tasks! 

The Deluxe Gift Basket includes:

Deluxe Gift Basket

    • Bars of Goat Milk Soap
    • Luxurious Milk Bath
    • Goat Milk Lotion
    • All-natural Deodorant
    • Sugar Scrub
    • Lip Butter
    • Loofah Pouch
    • Foot Scrub Brush

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so make sure you order by May 3rd for delivery! Order your Mother’s Day Deluxe Gift Basket here.