How to Get Soft Feet in Minutes

How to Get Soft Feet in Minutes

Are your feet in need of a little pampering?

Foot soaks are a simple, budget-friendly way for you to invest in a little "me time" and feel like you're at a five-star spa. Plus, the end result is feet that are soft, smooth, exfoliated and ready for sandals (yes, even your heels!) The best part? There are NO metal foot files involved! And our foot soak tutorial doesn't include any mouthwash (did anyone else catch that weird trend of soaking your feet in mouthwash that was going around the internet? Ew!) Nope, this is an easy and effective DIY foot soak that'll give your feet a breath of fresh air and have them looking their best! 

What's the Secret Ingredient?

Our milk bath! Made up of curls of our all-natural goat milk soap, each container of our milk bath contains...

    • Fresh goat's milk (from our own goats!)
    • Coconut oil
    • Olive oil
    • Red palm oil
    • And high-grade essential oils (The type of essential oil depends on the scent of the milk bath you choose. We also have an unscented version for those who like to stay scent-free!) 

A handful of milk bath will quickly dissolve in hot water and begin releasing the revitalizing vitamins, proteins, and enzymes that are found naturally inside goat's milk. You'll also enjoy the therapeutic aromas of essential oils that are released into the water as well, adding to the overall at-home spa experience. 

Try It Out for Yourself!

Just 5-10 minutes of soaking your feet in a milk bath will soften up and remove calluses from your feet. Plus, it's a great excuse to sit down and relax for a little! Before you begin, make sure you've got all of the necessary equipment. You'll need:

    • 1 bowl, bucket, or basin (something that's big enough to hold both of your feet)
    • Warm water
    • A towel
    • 1 container of milk bath
    • 1 container of sugar scrub (optional)
    • 1 bottle of goat milk lotion (optional)

Step #1

To begin, grab you bowl and fill it with warm water. Make sure that whatever vessel you use is wide enough for you to place both of your feet into.

Step #2

Next, add 1-3 handfuls of milk bath shreds to the water (you can check out all of our milk bath scents here) and gently stir together. The shreds of goat milk soap will dissolve and turn the water a beautiful milky white color. This means that your water is full of nutrients and enzymes and it's time to start pampering your feet.

Step #3

Place your bare feet in the rejuvenating elixir you've just created and soak for at least 5-10 minutes. Be sure to have a good book nearby or a favorite movie on, or just close your eyes and imagine unwinding at that tropical beach you've always wanted to visit.

Step #4

Now that your feet are nice and soft, it's time to scrub away those pesky dead skin cells. Use a foot scrub brush (you can get our Natural Foot Scrub Brush here), a pumice stone, or even your own hands to gently slough off the dry skin on your feet. You'll be amazed by how easily it is to remove... It almost falls off on its own.
Natural Foot Scrub Brush - Bend Soap Company

Step #5

Add a small scoop of sugar scrub to your feet and scrub thoroughly. Be sure to focus on any rough areas such as your heels. Rinse with water.

Step #6

Remove your feet from the milk bath, pat dry with a clean towel, and seal in the softness with your favorite all-natural lotion. We prefer using our own goat milk lotion because it's 100% natural and free of any drying agents (like alcohol which means that it'll keep your feet soft longer than most other lotions out there. See our full collection of lotion here.

    That's a Wrap!

    Voila! Now your feet are ready for soft, smooth, and ready for Summer! You're ready to grab your favorite sandals and step out into the warm sunshine with confidence. Have you tried a foot soak using our milk bath? If so, leave a comment below and share your experience!


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