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The 4 Best Essential Oils to Use in Your Skincare

It’s said that old things become new again, so we’re not totally surprised that essential oils have exploded in popularity in recent years. Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian cultures were using aromatic plant extracts in a variety of uses — from religious ceremonies and beauty care, to aromatherapy and personal fragrance. Now, as modern science confirms the health benefits of these plant compounds, people are once again turning to essential oils as a natural alternative to a slew of toxic products. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at Bend Soap Company.

From our lotions and bars of goat milk soap to sugar scrubs and natural deodorants, our goal is to create products that nourish the skin while also making it look and feel great. Goats milk is a key ingredient in most of the products we create as it’s chock full of tons of skincare benefits, but so are essential oils. By adding oils like tea tree, lavender, and orange to our products, we can ramp up the skin nourishing benefits of our products while also helping you create a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. After all, what’s better than exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing, than doing it with all-natural products that smell amazing?

Below we've outlined the four best skincare essential oils to incorporate into your beauty regimen including what makes them so great and what Bend Soap Company products you can find them in. 

Lavender Essential Oil

Of all the essential oils available, lavender is easily one of the most popular — and we completely understand why! Not only does it smell amazing, but it’s mellow scent is known to soothe and calm, acting as the perfect aromatherapeutic remedy for go-go-go lifestyles. In fact, research has shown that lavender’s relaxing benefits may be beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and related disorders. When used to treat anxiety, lavender works quickly, but without stimulating “dependence, tolerance, or withdrawal.”

Lavender Milk Bath

We especially love lavender because of its natural ability to combat insomnia and restlessness. In a study of 79 college students with self-reported sleep issues, the group that was given a lavender oil inhalation patch at night was shown to experience better quality sleep while also waking up more refreshed than the other group. 

Skincare products made with lavender essential oil 

After a long day, a soak in a tub filled with our Lavender Blossom Milk Bath is the perfect way to relax and prepare for a deep, peaceful sleep. And thanks to the nourishing  qualities of goat milk and the exfoliating properties of the lavender buds, you’ll also be treating your skin while you bathe. Prefer a shower or a bar soap by the sink? Grab a bar of our Lavender Blossom Goat Milk Soap. You can also find lavender essential oil in these Bend Soap Co. products:

Lemon Lavender scented skincare products also contain lavender essential oil but are only available seasonally while supplies last. 

Rose Essential Oil

While there are few things more intoxicating than a bouquet of roses, it isn’t always practical or feasible to have fresh flowers on hand. Luckily, rose essential oil can provide the same deep, floral scent without the hassle of live plants. 

Vienna Rose Goat Milk Soap - Bend Soap Company

And rose essential oil doesn’t just smell good — it also has a number of health benefits. According to research, this  sweet-smelling oil has anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and pain relieving properties. It has even been shown to promote psychological relaxation and improve sexual dysfunction.

Regarding skin health, additional research has shown that rose oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties, meaning it may be beneficial in killing a host of the bad bugs that can cause skin infections, rashes, and inflammation. Finally, while there hasn’t been a clinical study to directly examine the ability of rose oil to treat breakouts, our personal experience is that it is highly effective in calming acne-prone skin.

Skincare products made with rose essential oil

Our Vienna Rose Goat Milk Soap is the perfect choice to soothe and clear skin with breakouts, while being gentle enough to avoid irritation. Prefer a nice long soak in the tub? Add a few handfuls of Vienna Rose Milk Bath to the bath, sit back, relax. 

Our English Garden scented skincare products also contain lavender essential oil but are only available seasonally while supplies last.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

At Bend Soap, we are in the business of healthy skin, so it’s no surprise that we love using grapefruit essential oil in our products. When it comes to ingredients that promote smooth, healthy, glowing skin, grapefruit oil is one of the best: Like tea tree and rose oils, grapefruit essential oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to keep the skin clear of unhealthy microbes. What’s more, a 2016 study found that grapefruit oil can reduce the effects of UVA and UVB exposure, including redness, while also improving skin elasticity, wrinkles, and the overall appearance of skin.

Honey Grapefruit Milk Bath

Skincare products made with grapefruit essential oil

Our Honey Grapefruit Goat Milk Soap is perfect for an all-natural, nourishing clean that goes deep but doesn’t dry or irritate the skin, and our goat milk lotions provide a penetrating moisture that absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy film. Our sugar scrubs, meanwhile, do both, allowing you to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize in one step. So if you’re looking to bathe your skin in healing, anti-aging nutrients that will leave your whole body bright and rejuvenated — and also very, very soft — try our Honey Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Experience the freshness of grapefruit essential oil with these additional Bend Soap Co. products:

Citrus Mint scented skincare products also contain lavender essential oil but are only available seasonally while supplies last.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree (also called melaleuca) is easily one of the most versatile essential oils available today. When mixed with a carrier oil like coconut, it can be used on minor cuts and scrapes as an effective, all-natural replacement for store-bought antiseptic ointments. And not only will tea tree oil prevent infection in the wound, it has also been said to speed healing thanks to its ability to boost white blood cell activation. Meanwhile, when used orally, tea tree oil can fight bad breath, and it can also be used around the house to clean hard surfaces and keep insects at bay. 

Our favorite tea tree oil benefit, however, is its ability to reduce skin inflammation and destroy the fungi and bacteria that can cause athlete’s foot, psoriasis, acne, and other conditions. There are countless products lining drug store shelves that rely on toxic chemicals to eliminate harmful organisms, but tea tree oil is just as effective — and all-natural.

Skincare products made with tea tree essential oil

No matter what your skin concerns may be, a long soak in our Tea Tree Milk Bath is sure to clear it up. In addition to the antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil, the lactic acid in goat milk improves skin tone and increases moisture. Use a bar of Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap as an all-natural face wash without the harsh chemicals. 

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For thousands of years, people have turned to essential oils for a variety of personal care uses, including beauty and skin care. And because of the concentrated plant extracts they contain, they have the ability to deliver powerful healing and nourishing benefits in a safe, gentle package. 

Essential oils can easily be added to carrier oils, like coconut or jojoba, and then massaged into the skin. But we think that one of the best — and easiest — ways to get your essential oil fix is by adding more products to your daily routine that are made with these nourishing oils. And whether you opt for a relaxing milk bath, a luxurious goat milk lotion, or one of our other products, you can be sure that your skin will thank you.

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