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Clean and Literally Glowing: Using Goat Milk Soap as Face Wash

Clean and Literally Glowing: Using Goat Milk Soap as Face Wash

Natural face wash? That's hard to find! Trust me, I've searched high and low. No matter what I try, I've always struggled trying to find a face wash that wouldn’t:

  • Dry out my face, or
  • Cause me to break out

I've tried out different brands and styles — everything from scented and unscented, moisturizing and non-moisturizing, natural and "un"natural — but nothing ever seemed to work.

When I was introduced to Bend Soap Company, I had heard that people often used the bars of Goat Milk Soap as a face wash. At first, the idea of using a bar of soap on my face seemed a bit odd, but I pushed my hesitation aside and decided to try it out anyway. I used a bar of Goat Milk Soap once a day when I would wash my face and after about three weeks, I realized that my skin was starting to clear up. It was amazing!

"My face didn’t dry it out and I didn’t have any acne!"

My face was squeaky clean and literally glowing. And because the soap didn't contain any GMO oils, parabens, or sodium lauryl sulfate in it, I felt good knowing that the bar of soap was 100% safe to use on my skin. For me, this was a HUGE bonus because I've always tried to stay away from beauty products that have chemicals and parabens in them. Believe it or not, it's actually pretty difficult to find products that are 100% all-natural these days and don't contain harmful ingredients (seriously, just read the label on the back of any "all-natural" beauty product you see at the store!) So for this reason, I was elated when I learned that Bend Soap Company only uses four main ingredients when making their bars of Goat Milk Soap, meaning that this really was an all-natural product that helped my skin. Not only that, but I was stoked that it doubled as body wash as well! ;) The lather that one bar of soap could create was pretty impressive.

I know the wonderful family who makes these products (and have even met their herd of goats who supply all of the milk used to make their goat milk products) so it makes it even more personal and reassuring to use their products and see how they really do work for my skin. Knowing that Bend Soap Company is a family business that really cares about the quality of their end product is another reason I love supporting them. 


Two of my favorite bars of Goat Milk Soaps to use as face wash are:

These are both perfect to use on your face as the scents are not too strong or intense yet still have a fantastic smell. There are a ton of other fragrant scents to choose from and I can honestly say that I truly enjoy them all.


Bend Soap Company also has holiday and seasonal scents. I always get excited when winter comes around because it means the scent of the Candy Cane Goat Milk Soap will be flowing through my house. Every time I let the aroma fill my lungs it instantly makes me think of Christmas and gathering around the fireplace with my loved ones with hot mugs full of peppermint tea and hot cocoa with marshmallows chatting about life and enjoying each other’s company. It’s amazing how a simple whiff of something can take us on a journey that stirs up memories.

Before I started using bars of Goat Milk Soap as my face wash, my parents had been using products from Bend Soap Company for quite a number of years. In fact, my father had been dealing with a recurring patch of rough, dry, irritated skin on his ankle for several months. It was itchy and uncomfortable, but he didn't know what it was or what it was from. He wasn't thinking about his irritated skin when he bought his first bar of Goat Milk Soap (a bar of Eucalyptus Spearmint Goat Milk Soap to be exact), he was mainly just attracted to the scent. But, after a couple of weeks of using the soap, he noticed the irritated skin was completely gone. Not only that, but it hasn't returned since! Many other members of my family have started using Bend Soap Company products because of this and have absolutely loved making the switch to goat's milk soap.

Thank you for reading my story of how Bend Soap Company has significantly improved the health of my family in small but significant ways. Whether it's for your face or your body, I would (and do) recommend using these luxurious bars of Goat Milk Soap to anyone!

This blog entry was written by Allison.