Mix & Match Milk Bath Recipes

Mix & Match Milk Bath Recipes

It’s no secret that adding a handful of milk bath shreds to the tub is a simple, easy, and affordable way to turn a regular, everyday soak in the tub into a spa-like retreat. But did you know that you can mix and match different essential oil milk bath varieties for optimal restorative benefits?

Whether you’re ready to kick back and relax after a long week or looking for an all-natural bubble bath alternative you can feel good adding to your kid’s baths, milk baths are the only product you’ll need. Here’s why: the skin is the body’s largest organ, so it’s important to keep your skin healthy and well nourished to ensure it can fight against any unwanted intruders.

Each container of our milk bath — which we make by shredding bars of our goat milk soap — is made using 100% all-natural ingredients and fresh goat’s milk we get right here on our farm. These ingredients offer your skin the nutrients, moisture, and tender loving care it needs to perform at its best.

We asked Marilee, the co-founder of Bend Soap Company, to share some of her favorite mix and match milk bath blends that she uses for herself and for her 9 children. Here are a few must-try mix and match milk bath recipes for you to try in your home.


Milk Bath Scents to Boost Your Bath

All Shield + Tea Tree

Made using a blend of essential oils that offer germ and bacteria fighting benefits, this milk bath duo will help you get your skin soft, moisturized, and really clean! Marilee adds a handful of both of these milk baths to the tub after the kids go tromping around the farm in bare feet, through the goat pens, in the chicken pens… You get the idea. Use this combination of milk bath scents just once and it might become your new favorite bath time product! 

Oatmeal & Honey

A best-seller here at Bend Soap Company, you can add a handful of Oatmeal & Honey Milk Bath to any bath for a boost of moisture. This particular milk bath is made without any essential oils, so it can be added to any other scent of milk bath you have on hand without the scents being too conflicting or overpowering. The real grains of oats and skin-loving honey are ingredients that are extra emollient, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and nourished.

Here’s another tip: for ultra dry skin, apply the Unscented Sugar Scrub to your body after soaking in a milk bath. The sugar will gently buff away dead, tired, dry skin cells and allow clear entry for the rich blend of oils to penetrate and nourish the skin below. One bath or shower with this sugar scrub and it just might become your new skincare essential!

Mix & Match Milk Bath Recipes - Bend Soap Company

Tea Tree + Lemongrass

If the flu or a nasty cold is running havoc in your household, you can add a handful of one of these scents to the tub, sit back, and relax or add a handful of both for maximum benefits. Thanks to the blend of essential oils these milk baths have, they’re the Johnson family’s go-to for warding off germs and adding a little extra defense to their home during the cold and flu season.

"With milk baths, you don’t have to choose between therapeutic or cosmetic benefits — you can have both!"

Sweet Orange
+ Eucalyptus Spearmint

Orange and Eucalyptus essential oils have both been known for their uplifting, mood enhancing benefits. Use them alone or add a handful of each to a warm tub for an orange-mint scented soak that’ll get your mind right and prepare you for anything coming your way. This milk bath duo is sure to not let you down.

Lavender Blossom or Hint of Lavender

These two scents are the perfect options to use if you want to relax your mind, ease sore muscles, and prepare yourself for a blissful night of sleep. They’re also great scents to incorporate into your kiddos bedtime routine as the uplifting aromas can help relax fussy kids and get them in bed and fast asleep a little quicker.

Mix & Match Milk Bath Recipes - Bend Soap Company

Hint of Lavender + Vienna Rose + English Garden

Any combination of these milk bath scents will make your bath smell like a fresh floral bouquet. When we decided to create more floral-inspired milk bath scents, it was important to us to use high-quality essential oils that are often times steam distilled to ensure the utmost quality. This has resulted in these particular milk bath products to have authentic floral scents which many of our customers enjoy.  

Lavender Blossom (or Hint of Lavender) + Eucalyptus Spearmint

This is the perfect milk bath combination to soak in if you’re recouping from a cold or had a long, hectic day. Here’s why: lavender essential oil has long been recognized for its relaxing, tension relieving properties while eucalyptus has been known to help aid in respiratory and congestion problems. Add one handful of both scents to your next bath, sit back, and soak your worries away. 

Eucalyptus Spearmint + Tea Tree

This is a great combination for anyone suffering from bronchial congestion of any sort. Add 1-2 handfuls of each milk bath scent to a warm bath, sit back, and relax while the blend of essential oils loosens up any congestion in your chest. The steam from your bath may help reduce the thickness of mucus in the chest, making coughing more productive and clearing the lungs more effectively.

Mix & Match Milk Bath Recipes - Bend Soap Company

Citrus Mint + Sweet Orange

The spearmint essential oil will refresh and soothe sore, achy muscles while the combination of citrus oils will give your skin a boost of Vitamin C and help protect your skin against infection. Orange and mint might not sound like your typical combination, but this unusual blend of essential oils — which includes oils such as spearmint, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon — is a refreshing yet exhilarating combination. 

Back to You

We hope this post provided some helpful ideas for how to get the most benefit out of the various all-natural goat milk soap milk bath scents. We hope you give a few of those combinations a try and find them to be as soothing, refreshing, and invigorating as we do. Remember, with milk baths, you don’t have to choose between therapeutic or cosmetic benefits — you can have both!

Have you experimented with any other milk bath combinations that you think are worth trying? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below!

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Hi, I love your honey and oatmeal soap can I use the milk bath as a cleanser for my face. I am loving the lotion. I called the other day. My whole life I have struggled. In less than a week my redness and burning have diminished. Thank you.


I am not able to get in a tub. Do you have any plans to make a body wash for use in the shower? I have dry scaly patches mostly on my hands but they pop up on my legs and shoulders. A body wash would be so handy. Thanks.


I love your bath milk so much, I have driven out and bought it in bulk. Do you offer mail order for bulk purchase? It saves on packaging etc.

christine barnes

Hey Karen! That’s awesome… We’re so happy you found us here! We can’t wait for you to give our goat milk soap a try AND our DIY laundry detergent recipe! You’ll have to let us know what you think of it. :)

Bend Soap Company

I have never tried your soap. I have used others over the last year. I also make my own Landry soap and am looking forward to trying the shaved soap recipe you have here.


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