An Open Letter to the Hard Working Woman

An Open Letter to the Hard Working Woman

Dear hardworking woman... This post is for you.

Thank you for what you do, and who you are. Thank you for giving the next generation a solid foundation. Thank you for putting others before yourself. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to create and add value.

Maybe you're a hard working Mother. You went through 9 months of obsessive cravings, nausea, and pain to bring life into this world. Now, you dedicate yourself to training, nurturing, and raising the next generation. You realize your work often goes unnoticed, but still, you continue to give. There's always something else to do and little hands keep grasping for more, as you keep giving of yourself. 

Thank you.

Maybe you're a hard working single woman. Opportunities and decisions fly by as you struggle to decipher what to pursue and what to pass by. From morning till night you're forcing yourself to grow, to learn, to get better, faster, stronger. You want to make the most of this time of freedom, and you're constantly motivating yourself to reach further and determine where to go.

Thank you.

Maybe you're a hardworking businesswoman. You balance maintaining femininity and succeeding in the competitive business world. You balance logic, numbers, certifications, and corporate issues with emotions and thoughtfulness. You do what needs to be done and stretch beyond the status quo.

Thank you.

"Regardless of who you are, we know you do what needs to be done."

Maybe you're a hardworking wife. You give to your man when you're empty yourself. You encourage and counsel, you listen and know when to speak up. Laundry, dishes, warm meals, and smiles are expected from you, yet you still find joy in serving, and loving, and giving.

An Open Letter to the Hard Working Woman - Bend Soap Company

Thank you.

Maybe you're a hardworking athlete, thinker, doer, or all of the above. Maybe you are a self-sacrificing mother, a wife, and businesswoman, like my Aunt Marilee. Maybe you have done all of the above and you continue to give to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Regardless of who you are, we know you do what needs to be done. You are an amazing to example to little ones looking up with awestruck eyes and peers who desire to follow your lead. 

It's no doubt, burnout happens. Sometimes a straw breaks the camel's back. The stress, the pressure, the mile-long to-do list... your husband asks how your day has been and you burst into tears. Grubby, sticky hands spill the milk and your voice snaps. Your boss asks for a simple spreadsheet and overwhelm takes over.

So here's a word of advice from one hardworking woman to another: take time to refill. Take a little time for yourself.

We can't give if we aren't being refilled, or taking care of ourselves. Eventually, the cup will run dry. It might be your hardest work yet to pause the hectic pace of life and become blind, just for a moment, to the tasks you know need to be done. But, do it.

Take time to refill. Take a little time for yourself. 

Maybe you've been powering along the treadmill of life for so long, you don't know where to begin to relax. The solution is simple: draw yourself a bath, add a few handfuls of milk bath, get in, and soak. 


Close your eyes and imagine a warm bath perfumed with fragrant essential oils and filled with a soothing, rich lather of vitamins and nourishing minerals. Grab your favorite book off the shelf. Not a "How-to" or "Self-help" book, but something that's going to feed your soul. Slide into the steamy, hot water and feel the therapeutic oils soak deep into your skin, replenishing your cells. Just sit, and soak, and deeply breathe in the calming aroma. 

Trust us, it feels even better than how it sounds. Twenty short minutes spent in this paradise can soothe your nerves and refill your soul. 

Hard working woman, thank you for the way you give to others. Don't be afraid to give a little bit to yourself. Blessings (and milk baths!)

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