6 Reasons to Love Goat Milk Soap

6 Reasons to Love Goat Milk Soap

With so many natural soaps entering the market, how do you really know which is the best natural soap?

People ask us questions like, “What’s so great about goat milk soap?” all the time. No matter how many times we hear it, we’re always happy to answer this question because so many people don’t realize all of the amazing benefits that goat milk soap offers those who use it. However, we also realize that not all goat milk soap is created the same; if there’s one thing we want our customers to do, it’s to read the ingredients on the label.

"...If there’s one thing we want our customers to do, it’s to read the ingredients on the label."

You might be surprised to discover that the labels on our goat milk soap are short on ingredients but you can rest easy knowing that what's listed is exactly what went into that specific bar of goat milk soap. Going with the “less is more” mentality, we specifically chose high-performing and effective ingredients that meld together to create a product with all of the things your skin benefits from without any of the “junk”.

Have you ever noticed you skin turning dry and irritated after a shower? Synthetic soap may be the culprit and according to the FDA, there are hardly any real soap products in grocery stores. Most commercially sold soap uses synthetic detergent products that contain harsh ingredients which do more harm than good.

There are a million reasons why we love our all-natural goat milk soap, but here are six we want to share with you today. 

Reason #1 - No Parabens, No Synthetic Fragrances, or Fillers... No Junk!

Many of the beauty products we put on our face, skin, and body are full of harmful ingredients known to cause anything from hormone imbalances, cancer, allergies, and other long-term effects on our health. For us, being transparent about the ingredients we use to make our products is important so when you read the ingredients on the label, you can rest easy knowing that those are the exact ingredients that were used. We make all of our bars of goat milk soap from scratch using a combination of four main rigorously tested, all-natural, and mom-approved ingredients — no fillers, dyes, synthetic fragrances, GMO, parabens, chemicals, alcohol or other “junk” will ever be found in our goat milk soap products. No need to pull out a dictionary when you read the label on goat milk soap either!

There are just 4 simple ingredients:

  • Fresh goat’s milk (from our own goats!)
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Red Palm oil
  • Essential oils (optional)

We’re proud to make each and every bar of goat milk soap from start to finish, ensuring only high-quality, responsibly, and sustainably sourced ingredients are being used.

"...What you put on your skin soaks directly into your pores and bloodstream, so what you put on your skin matters."

Reason #2 - All of the Benefits of Fresh Goat’s Milk

There’s a reason why many people refer to goat’s milk as “liquid gold”! Goat’s milk is naturally high in essential fatty acids which have a pH level that’s similar to humans. This means that it’s less irritating to our skin and is easily absorbed into our skin, hydrating and nourishing the new layers of skin that are forming underneath the top outermost layer of skin. This is the #1 main ingredient you’ll find in our goat milk soap products (like our bars of goat milk soap and our containers of milk bath) and we’re proud to share that there is over 26% farm fresh goat’s milk in every bar of soap we make!

Remember: Your skin is your body's largest organ and what you put on it soaks directly into your pores and bloodstream, so what you put on your skin matters.

Reason #3 - It’s a Multi-Purpose Product

When you purchase a bar of goat milk soap from Bend Soap Company, you’re investing in a product that can be used various different ways. Here are just a few of our favorite uses:

Woman in shower using goat milk soap to exfoliate

Reason #4 - It's a Gentle Exfoliator

Many exfoliators on the market are rough and can cause unnecessary redness and damage to the surface of your skin. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are naturally found in goat’s milk which works to gently remove dead skin cells from the body. When the alpha hydroxy acids go to work, breaking down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, you're left with smoother, younger looking skin. It's perfect for anyone suffering from acne and also a great way to get soft feet in minutes

Man lathering goat milk soap to use as shaving cream

Reason #5 - Its Rich, Foamy Lather

Many first time customers tell us that they’re shocked with the rich, foamy lather our soap produces. The lather you get from using soap is caused by the friction of rubbing the soap over your skin, (soap molecules, hydrophilic and hydrophobic, work together and attach themselves to air bubbles to create lather). There are different things that can affect how well a soap lathers — not just ingredients — such as the type of water you have (like whether you have hard or soft water). The lather created from soap can also depend on what you’re trying to wash off your skin. For example, if you have grease, dirt, or lotion on your skin, there will not be as much friction for a lather to generate.

Generally, the longer a bar of soap has cured, the more it will lather. We cure our bars of goat milk soap for 6-8 weeks which may be one reason our soap lathers up so well. We’ve found that the luscious lather comes in handy when shaving or shampooing.

Father and his young son washing hands in sink with goat milk soap

Reason #6 - It's Safe for the Whole Family

Many of you know the story behind Bend Soap Company and how we became so interested in goat milk soap, but we still get a lot of great questions from parents (and tons of adoring grandparents!) asking if our products can be safely used on children. We’re proud to share that our goat milk soap products are indeed kid and baby-friendly! They are very safe, made using 100% natural ingredients, nourishing to the skin, free of toxins, and super gentle. Plus, our milk bath can be used as an all-natural bubble bath replacement so that you don’t have to let your kids sit in a bathtub full of chemicals (because no bath is complete without bubbles, right?)

With a rapid increase in parents finding Bend Soap Company while searching for all-natural, safe, and chemical-free products to use on their little ones, we’ve even launched our collection of natural products formulated for babiesMild enough for everyday use and 100% newborn-friendly, these products would make for a wonderful Baby Shower gift!

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It’s good to know that goat milk soap is easily absorbed into the skin. I have been trying to find a good soap for my sensitive skin. I’ll have to look into getting some goat milk soap soon. https://jalorganics.com/products/goat-s-milk-rose-clay-facial-soap

Michaela Hemsley

I am in love with your soaps, lotions, defender salve, lip butter and especially your sugar scrub. I have never experienced issues with my skin until three years ago. I have had deep suffering with dry, severely itchy rash and blistering skin from my head to ankles non-stop for 3.25 years now and I have seen 7 doctors. I came across your advertisement on Instagram recently and I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as He knows exactly what we need.
I am thankful to God for your company and your commitment to excellence and quality of your product ingredients as well as your willingness to help others who are dealing with skin issues. God bless you all.

Kelly Heffernan

I like how you explained that goat milk soap removes dead skin cells because it contains alpha hydroxy acids. People that have a lot of built-up dead skin cells on their feet or hands can use goat milk soap to wash it all off in minutes. Thanks for mentioning this interesting benefit to using goat milk soap.

David Norriss

I’ve purchased your soap, bath scrub and lotion and love them all. I’ve been using goat soap now for 2 years and am so glad I found your company. My daughter has sensitive skin and I gave her some of this and she also loved the way it made her skin feel and not break out out have a reaction. Thank you, Liza

Liza Kelley

This soap is amazing! It has helped my baby with her eczema, has helped me with my acne and has helped the whole family to have super soft skin! I refuse to use any other soap but Bend goats milk soap!


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