Goat Milk Soap Milk Bath

Available sizes: Milk Bath (7oz.), Mini Milk Bath (1.5oz.) and Bulk Shredded (in 1lbs., 2 lbs. or 4 lbs.). To order bulk, change the size to "Bulk Shredded" and your preferred amount.

Enjoy the Luxury of an All-Natural Milk Bath at Home

Goat milk baths are great for your skin, but who has, or can afford raw, fresh goat milk? Instead, draw yourself a relaxing bath using our milk bath — the milk bather’s economical choice that’s a relaxing treat for the body and senses.

Looking for a Luxurious Treat That's Easy On Your Wallet?

Look no further! Each container of our all-natural milk bath contains curls of our goat milk soap which quickly dissolve in the bath, infusing the warm water with revitalizing vitamins, proteins, and enzymes. As it dissolves, the milk bath gets to work while you soak, releasing the delightful aroma and therapeutic qualities of essential oils as it leaves your skin soft, supple, rejuvenated, and moisturized. The perfect self-care treat for both men and women, even just one soak in our all-natural milk bath will let your mind unwind while making your skin look and feel it’s best.

Benefits of Goat's Milk

A Bend Soap Company Milk Bath is more than just water in a tub, and the secret lies in our star ingredient: goat’s milk. Loaded with natural moisturizers, vitamins, and enzymes, goat’s milk is the secret to keeping everyone’s skin clean, hydrated, and healthy. Even Cleopatra was renowned throughout history for her glowing and youthful looking skin which she proudly attributed to her frequent milk baths.

How to Use

Our milk bath is available in three different sizes. Our standard 7 oz. container is enough for several baths. Here’s how we suggest using our milk bath product: