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Originally created to help soothe and moisturize our son’s eczema. Our goat milk soap has helped our entire family’s skin become more hydrated, soft, healthy, and the best it’s ever looked. Every bar is made with raw goat’s milk and pure, sustainably sourced, all-natural ingredients to provide your skin with critical vitamins and nutrients with every use. One single bar of goat milk soap can safely and effectively be used as an all-natural replacement for body wash, face wash, shampoo, bubble bath, and shaving cream.

Raw Goat Milk

We pack over 26% of farm fresh, vaccine-free goat milk (from our very own goats!) into every bar of soap. Easily absorbed into the skin and loaded with lactic acids and vitamins A, D, E, and K, it provides intense hydration and promotes glowy skin.

Coconut Oil

Full of vitamin E and antioxidants, our non-GMO coconut oil moisturizes, soothes, and contributes to the amazing lather you’ll find in our bars of goat milk soap. Noted as one of Dr. Oz's top 10 SuperFoods, this ingredient is packed full of the nutrients we want (and need) in our bodies.

Sustainable Palm Oil

Loaded with vitamin E and known for its moisturizing benefits, sustainable palm oil also helps us create firm bars of goat milk soap that won’t turn to mush in the shower. We support sustainable practices of eco-sensitive areas by only using palm oil that meets RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) standards.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is packed with anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins A, D, K, and E, and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft to the touch. Giving our soap a gentle velvety smooth lather, this ingredient also helps us balance out how firm our bars of goat milk soap are, giving them a solid feel in your hands and helping them last longer.

    Soaps for Sensitive Skin

    Ideal for managing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, these goat milk soaps are handcrafted from superior-quality, safe, and natural ingredients. Designed to gently cleanse, nourish, and moisturize, they are free from essential oils, ensuring no irritation to sensitive or delicate skin.

    Essential Oil Soaps

    We start with the same four main all-natural ingredients found in all our goat milk soap and add a touch of pure, unadulterated essential oils for additional therapeutic and aromatic properties. Sourced from high-grade botanicals from around the world and often steam-distilled to obtain the highest levels of purity, having healthy, vibrant skin has never smelled so good.

Real People Share Their Real Experiences

baby daughter had severe eczema



baby daughters eczema is gone

"My daughter since she was about a month old has extreme eczema, She was also breastfed so I tried going with out dairy for her and it never changed, I even tried putting her on formula and it never got better just always got worse. Drs gave us different things to try but nothing worked. My mom found this goat milk soap and asked us to try it, and thank god because after a couple baths it was gone and has stayed gone and my daughter is now 14 months old and I use her goat milk soap on her everyday! It's amazing!"

Jennifer W.
baby acne-prone skin before



baby soft skin after using goat milk bath products

"My daughter had infant acne and dry skin and after using goat milk soap, it went away and her skin is looking amazing now. I absolutely love it!"

Anahi V.
the skin on the face of an infant is covered in patches of eczema



smiling infant showing that his skin is free from severe eczema

"My mom saw an ad for your company & brought it to my attention. I couldn't order fast enough! I placed an order & received it a few days ago. This soap seems to be our miracle product! After only 1 bath & a few lotion applications, his skin dramatically improved! After his 2nd bath today, his skin is almost clear! He definitely seems more comfortable & isn't scratching like crazy anymore. Angry red patches in his body have calmed, the roughness & dryness in his arms & legs are smoothing, and his scalp is clear & soft..."

Kristen V.
searched all over for something to help my acne



bend soap helped my acne

"I have hunted the internet for other soaps like it and bend soap company is by far the best for a product that does not have any unwanted additives, is quick on shipping, dependable, and consistent. Over the last year using the ordinary and unscented goat milk soap from bend soap, I have completely eradicated all acne I have had on my face for eight years. My face is brighter, firmer, clearer and much healthier looking. I love the many uses for this soap and anticipate being a customer for years to come"

hand was cracked and bleeding



hand all better after using bend soap

"This product is amazing!!! My fingers were cracked and bleeding so bad that I couldn't bend my fingers. I've used the unscented goat milk soap and goat milk lotion for a few days and my hands are so much better!!! I'm allergic to chemicals in products and this had been a life saver!!! Thank you so much for this amazing product!!! I'm truly thankful...THANK YOU!!!!"

Jodi L.
baby had bad eczema on tummy



babys eczema all gone after using bend soap

"OMG. Thank you sooooooo much for making this amazing product! My baby has very bad eczema& we tried your products thanks to my sister in law and I am beyond thankful! Thank you guys so much, we will be forever customers! Here's our before & after pictures using your product 4 days later 😍"

Rosanna R.

Natural Benefits of Goat Milk

Goat milk is loaded with natural moisturizers and vitamins that make your skin feel oh-so-good! Here's what fresh goat's milk can offer your skin:

  • It contains alpha hydroxy acids which help slough off dead skin cells leaving behind smoother, younger looking skin
  • It’s a gentle yet effective cleanser that can be used on the whole body
  • Goat milk offers your skin a natural moisture barrier that keeps your skin hydrated, smooth, and looking its best
  • Unlike other ingredients, goat milk is easily absorbed into the skin and loaded with lactic acids and vitamins

Fall in Love with
Goat Milk Soap

Every bar of goat milk soap is crafted through a cold process, incorporating fresh, raw goat milk sourced from our local partners’ farms. These bars are made with just four carefully selected all-natural ingredients to offer a supremely creamy lathering experience. Being paraben-free and phthalate-free, they stand as an ideal option for anyone seeking mindful bathing choices. Regardless of the chosen scent, users will enjoy the benefits of clean, soft, hydrated skin, paving the way towards optimal health.

It Moisturizes and Nourishes Your Skin

Whether you live in a dry climate or suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, each bar of our goat milk soap cleanses and refreshes dry, damaged skin while also helping to maintain your skin’s natural moisture.

The fatty acids and proteins of goat milk join with pure oils and quality glycerin to increase moisture and hydration. In fact, these molecules from goat milk, coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil, coat all of those little cracks and gaps between cells, seal the moisture in, and leave the skin feeling smooth and supple.

It’s Pure, Natural and Handcrafted

Found naturally inside goat milk, alpha hydroxy acids slough away dead skins cells with ease, allowing the blend of rich oils added to our bars of goat milk soap to sink into your skin and nourish the new skin cells below. The end result is skin that looks and feels younger.

Not all soap is created equally! Here at Bend Soap Company, we only use fresh goat milk (from our very own goats!) and natural, non-GMO oils to make our soap from scratch. This makes it the very best!

Every Bar is Perfect for a Variety of Uses

Everyone deserves to love their skin, and we ensure all of our goat milk soap meets the quality standards that benefit your skin with every use. We hand-cut every bar and cure it for a minimum of 6 weeks. Our proper formulation and curing process ensures that every bar offers a rich, creamy lather. One bar of goat milk soap can safely and effectively be used as an all-natural replacement for body wash, face wash, shampoo, bubble bath, and shaving cream. For maximum results, use in the shower alongside our sugar scrub and seal in the moisture with our goat milk lotion

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