Sweet Orange Goat Milk Soap

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Sweet Orange Goat Milk Soap

Ingredients: Fresh Goat's Milk, Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Red Palm Oil, and Essential Oils (Bergamot and Orange). That's it!

Description: Sweet Orange Goat Milk Soap contains orange essential oil for it’s wonderful smell and bergamot essential oil which is noted for its antidepressant properties which have been known to encourage feelings of freshness, joy, and energy. It's also very helpful in supporting a healthy immune system and keeping the skin free of infection-causing bacteria.

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Customer Stories

Sweet Orange Goat Milk Soap is a Burst of Refreshment

Much like a creamsicle, this goat milk soap has the sweet citrus juiciness of a yummy orange, along with the wonderful floral tones of bergamot essential oil. Bergamot is a wonderful essential oil that we are pleased to add to our line. It's most noted for its familiar flavoring in Earl Grey Tea.  Among other things, this scent is also known to help with seasonal or environmental threats.

Orange Essential Oil

In addition to the therapeutic properties found in bergamot essential oils, our orange essential oil is made from Valencia oranges, which are known for their big bursting juicy flavor and intoxicating sweet scent. This essential oil is noted for its invigorating properties as well as it's smell.

A Winter Fruit that Tastes Like Summer

This is one of the best things about Oranges! They are cool, sweet, and refreshing and seem like they’d be more at home on a hot summer day. But no! They are winter’s wonder fruit, lending pizazz to an otherwise rather dull and dormant fruit season. They are a bright spot to light the darker days of winter. Fortunately, we offer this soap year round, so you can make all of your darker days a little lighter. You know what they say, “An orange a day keeps the depression at bay.” After all, who can be upset when eating an orange? Each wedge is like a little slice of sunshine. Be dazzled!


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Want the Best Skincare Program?

We are often asked how to use our products together for the best all-natural skincare solution. So we’ve outlined our recommended three-step approach!

  • Step 1: Use our Goat Milk Soap to clean your skin without aggravation.
  • Step 2: Moisturize with our Milk Bath to soak in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will nourish your skin. For an even deeper and longer lasting moisturizer, try our Sugar Scrub in the shower or bath.
  • Step 3: Then lock in all of that goodness with our Goat Milk Lotion.

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