A Mother’s Glow:  Gifts to Brighten Her Day

A Mother’s Glow: Gifts to Brighten Her Day

Consider this your reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner — Sunday, May 12th, everyone! — and your cue to start hunting for that one standout gift that's sure to make her day. If the special someone you're celebrating on Mother's Day is into luxurious skin health, look no further. We've rounded up the best ‘feel-good’ gifts for the special holiday.

When it comes to treating your mom, skincare gifts can really be the way to go. Mother's Day is the perfect excuse for all the moms out there to have a well-deserved selfcare day. 

Here is everything the Bend Soap team is shopping for their mother figures this year. Keep scrolling to find some of our favorites from gift sets curated just for mom, to relaxing milk baths, revitalizing body scrubs, and so much more! 

Gift Sets Designed Just For Mom

Charming Citrus Carryall 

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with a gift that's as loving and charming as Mom is? The Charming Citrus Carryall is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to take care of their skin and indulge in a little bit of luxury. It’s bursting with cute and charming details that are sure to bring a smile to your mom's face. Inside, you will find a variety of citrus-themed skincare treats — each product is carefully handcrafted with all-natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and glowing. So why not charm Mom this Mother's Day with the Charming Citrus Carryall? It's the perfect way to show her just how much you care and brighten up her day with a little bit of sunshine! This includes an adorable, wicker basket tote that you can use over and over again — whether it’s used as a purse, decorative basket, or cute storage! 

Zesty Lavender Love Set 

Consider a luxurious Lemon Lavender experience that's fit for all the special women in your life. The Zesty Lavender Love Set is perfect for Mother's Day and the women who deserve a little ‘me time.’ The combination of essential oils in the Lemon Lavender collection — litsea and lavender — have long been known for their citrusy sweet aroma and mood-lifting properties. The Zesty Lavender Love Set includes our popular Lemon Lavender Sugar Scrub which is an excellent exfoliant for the body and face included! The grains of sugar gently scrub away dead skin cells, giving the nourishing blend of oils entrance to the layers of skin beneath. The result? Soft, hydrated skin that looks and feels its best!


 Mom’s Skincare Retreat


Give Mom the gift of a little retreat to herself with Mom’s Skincare Retreat Bundle. It’s the perfect way to upgrade your mom's bathing experience this Mother's Day! This 100% natural spring bundle  includes everything she needs to indulge in a luxurious and relaxing bath, all while treating her skin to the nourishing benefits of our all-natural ingredients. Mom’s Skincare Retreat Bundle includes our beloved Citrus Mint Milk Bath — made with a refreshing blend of spearmint, lime, and grapefruit essential oils — it offers a cooling, minty fresh experience that can invigorate your mind and give you a jumpstart to your day!


Blooming Blossom Box 

Give the gift of a spa day in the comfort of home with the Blooming Blossom Box. Perfect for anyone in need of a little extra pampering, this gift box is curated with everything Mom — or any special woman in your life — needs to indulge herself from head to toe. Let her soak, scrub, soothe, and restore her youthful glow with the Blooming Blossom Box. For those who love lavender everything, this beautiful gift box was made for you! We've included our most beloved lavender products to make this perfectly timed for Mother's Day. The Blooming Blossom Box includes our Lavender Goat Milk Lotion, which has a light, refreshing scent that helps promote a tranquil mind while our rich ingredients help nourish your skin.


Some Extras

Citrus Mint Goat Milk Soap


Celebrate Mother's Day with our delightful seasonal Spring Citrus Mint Goat Milk Soap! Infused with the delightful scent that’s a mix of tart grapefruit, refreshing lime, and vitalizing spearmint, this soap is a perfect extra to pamper the special women in your life. Treat your mom to a luxurious and refreshing experience, as she indulges in the creamy lather and nourishing properties of goat milk. Let this soap be a small token of love and appreciation, adding a touch of true springtime freshness to her day!

Lemon Lavender Lip Butter


Elevate your special gifting with our enchanting Lemon Lavender Lip Butter, a delightful little treat sure to brighten up her day! Infused with all-natural ingredients, and the refreshing essence of lemon and the calming aroma of lavender, this lip butter is a luxurious way to show your love and gratitude. Pamper the wonderful women in your life with this special gift that will leave their lips soft, nourished, and feeling ‘oh so loved.’ 


Lavender Blossom Milk Bath


Here’s something Mom’s not going to want to miss — the soothing embrace of our Lavender Blossom Milk Bath. For hardworking, busybee moms, this luxurious blend is a serene escape, a tranquil oasis where stress melts away and pure relaxation takes over. Let the calming aroma of lavender envelop you as the creamy milk nourishes your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world with a newfound sense of calm ;) Treat Mom to this moment of bliss — it's a well-deserved gift for the incredible women in our lives.


Honey Grapefruit Sugar Scrub


Indulge Mom in a spa-like experience fit for a queen this Mother's Day with our All-Natural Honey Grapefruit Sugar Scrub. Handcrafted with love and care, this luxurious scrub is a sweet treat for her deserving skin. Let the invigorating citrus scent uplift her spirits as the gentle exfoliation leaves her skin feeling soft and radiant. Give those women in your life the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with our enchanting body scrubs — because they deserve nothing but the best on their special day.

Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Lotion

Moms welcome the nurturing embrace of our beloved Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Lotion! Specially handcrafted to hydrate and rejuvenate, this lotion is a comforting essential for moms and women embracing the beauty of aging skin. Enriched with wholesome ingredients, it not only softens the skin but also uplifts the spirit with its lighty sweet honey scent. Embrace selfcare with each application, as this luxurious blend pampers your skin, leaving a radiant glow that mirrors the beauty within. Help Mom treat herself to a daily dose of love and hydration — you know she deserves it!

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Whether you’re honoring mom, grandma, a mom friend or your own beautiful motherhood journey, we’ll help you find the gifts that say “Love ya, Mom” and so much more.

But, let’s remember —

That it's truly the thought that counts. Each gift, no matter how big or small, carries with it a piece of love and appreciation that words often cannot express. This Mother's Day, may our gifts serve as tokens of gratitude for the endless love and sacrifices the women in our lives make every day. Let us cherish the moments spent together, the laughter shared, and the memories created. 

Remember, it's in the thoughtfulness behind the gift where the true magic lies. Let's celebrate the irreplaceable bond between mother and child, for it is a treasure beyond measure. Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible mothers out there — you are truly loved and cherished.

Whether you’re honoring mom, grandma, a mom friend or your own beautiful motherhood journey, we’ll help you find the gifts that say “Love ya, Mom” and so much more.





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