The Beauty Trend That’s Here to Stay: Natural Deodorant

The Beauty Trend That’s Here to Stay: Natural Deodorant

Have you ever thought twice about what you’re swiping on your underarms? You should, because that stick of antiperspirant you just bought at the store could do be doing more harm than good.  

While natural deodorant often gets a bad rap for “not working,” new natural options have been created to work just like the typical brands you find at the drugstore minus all of the harsh chemicals you’ll find in commercial deodorants.

But Wait, What’s Wrong with Commercial Deodorant?

Most of us think about the basic features of our deodorant (Will it leave streaks on my t-shirts? Does it smell good? Does it come in a clear gel or the white stick?) but it’s equally if not more important to read the label on the back of your deodorant. Chances are you might not understand the relevance of half of the ingredients you see on the label, but here’s a common list of chemicals you’ll find in the standard tube of deodorant that you want to be sure to avoid:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum blocks your sweat and is recognized as a neurotoxin. This ingredient has been found in cancerous breast tissue and has been linked to Alzheimer’s. Yikes!

  • Parabens: Parabens are often used in body care products, but it is possibly one of the most harmful additives that can be added to any beauty product. Parabens can act as estrogen in your body and disrupt your delicate hormone balance. It has also been linked to breast cancer, organ toxicity, and birth defects.

  • Triclosan: This ingredient contains antibacterial properties which kill or slow down the growth of bacteria. Not a bad thing, right? Except that it chemically mimics thyroid hormones and can block the metabolism of thyroid hormones, amongst other issues.

  • Artificial Colors and Scent: Artificial colors, bleaches, or fragrances in deodorants are known as carcinogens and can cause serious allergic reactions.

These are only a few of the toxic and harmful ingredients used in common deodorants, but just think of all the other chemicals you could be exposing your armpits and lymph nodes to. Thankfully, there’s a better way.


Antiperspirants often have aluminum in them, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Dyes have been linked to cancers and degenerative diseases as well.

Why Natural Deodorant for Women?

Natural deodorant is just that – natural! It means it’s good for you, actually good for your body, and you can read and understand all of the ingredients you’ll find on the label.

During our development of an all-natural deodorant back in 2016, we learned a lot about what ingredients are absolutely necessary in a worthwhile natural deodorant.

Our deodorant has the following list of ingredients:

  • Coconut and red palm oil
  • Baking soda (for those of you with more sensitive skin, we have baking soda free options available here and here)
  • Arrowroot powder (absorbs moisture)
  • Beeswax
  • Cocoa and shea butter
  • Chamomile extract
  • Calendula extract
  • Vitamin E (a super nourishing and healing vitamin for the skin)
  • Honey
  • Essential oils

These ingredients meld together to balance your PH and naturally combat body odor.
Our all-natural version contains ZERO dyes, synthetic fragrances or preservatives, GMO’s, alcohols, parabens, phthalates or soy, corn, and canola oils… No junk! We wanted to leave out the antiperspirants and chemicals that interfere with your body’s hormones. The best part? Our deodorant actually works!

“I have tried many many natural deodorants. This one (even without the baking soda) works! - Brooke N.

Fun Fact: Your Deodorant Doesn’t Care If You’re a Man or a Woman

Just like women are more likely to pay a pink razor tax, there’s really no difference when it comes to buying any of our natural deodorants aside from the scent.

At Bend Soap Company, we offer feminine, masculine, or unscented options all for the same, equally low price of just $6.95. That means you and the whole family can find a scent you love, take care of your skin, and know that you are proudly supporting a small business that’s committed to delivering pure and natural products you deserve, all at the same time.

Grab a Natural Deodorant from Bend Soap Co. in One of These Scents:

Switching to natural deodorant may cause initial rashes or reactions when the bacteria in your body exits through your sweat glands. If this happens, give your body enough time to adjust or consider a baking soda free option for sensitive skin (usually about 1 week). Just know that once you make the switch, there’s no turning back. We spent over two years crafting our formula, and the end product is worth raving about.

"Once we decided to 'go natural', my wife would always make me try expensive natural deodorants that made me smell horrible... because they didn't work. Then after we started making our own, I tried it out. I was amazed! It worked better than the commercial deodorants and I didn’t even have to reapply! I could be working all day (sweating up a storm), or skiing all day, and before I'd have to roll down the windows in the car because of the smell. Now, I feel as fresh as when the day started! It's amazing... I'll never go back to blue-dye commercial stuff again! The Woodsman scent is awesome!" - Dwight Johnson  





Back to You

It’s important to think twice about the beauty products we use on our skin, especially in regards to the ones that we use every single day. If you haven’t already made the move towards using all-natural deodorant, consider making the switch and rest easy knowing that you’re making another conscious effort to reduce your body’s exposure to chemicals. There’s never been a better excuse to give this paraben-free alternative a try, and Bend Soap Company is here to help guide you along the way.

Have you made the switch to natural deodorant yet? If so, how was the initial transition? Join the discussion by leaving a comment below!

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I made the switch and got the lemon lavender. I love it. I did end up getting a rash or red spot on both my underarms, so I stopped using it and waited for it to clear up. Can I go back to using it again or will get a red rash again. I haven’t used regular deodorant in awhile, sporadically used it. So I am kinda shocked my body reacted that way.


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