5 Spring Inspired Goodies for Under $10

5 Spring Inspired Goodies for Under $10

Some of you might already know this, but Bend, Oregon had a pretty rough winter this year. There was a lot of snow, a lot of ice, and a few extra “snow days” that we hadn’t anticipated. So these early signs of spring that we’re already starting to see are thoroughly being enjoyed and celebrated at the farm. But, we also just realized that it’s probably time for us to start getting our skin looking it’s best for the hot summer days ahead!

So whether you’ve had a rough winter or not, we decided to share some of our favorite spring-inspired products that are sure to have your skin looking (and feeling) it’s best and in tip-top shape for the warmer months ahead.

#1 Coconut Lime Lip Butters, 1 for $2.95 or 3 for $7.95 

Coconut Lime Lip Butter

These all-natural lip butters are perfect for kids and adults and come in a variety of sweet scents. Coconut Lime Lip Butter is a new scent for us this spring! You'll love how the juicy lime and sweet coconut come together to give your lips lightweight moisture and deep hydration every time you swipe it on.

Created after our serious struggle to find a lip balm that actually keeps our lips hydrated, these lip butters are made using a combination of rich butters and oils and even has a natural dose of SPF due to the shea butter. Available in a single tube or pack of three, make sure you get your hands on some of these this year.

#2 Natural Foot Scrub Brush, $5.95

Foot Scrub Brush - Bend Soap Company

At first glance, this might seem like an odd thing to associate with spring, but this natural bristled brush will help you get your feet looking and feeling their best. Called an “exfoliating powerhouse” by some, the stiff natural bristles do all the hard work for you, removing unsightly dry skin from even the toughest feet.

#3 Sugar Scrub, $9.85

If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, our sugar scrub is an easy and affordable way to get your skin looking and feeling it’s absolute best. Made using 100% all-natural ingredients, you’ll find that the sugar scrub is actually a wonderful compliment to our bars of goat milk soap. And this spring, we're offering a completely new sugar scrub scent: Lemon Lavender

Lemon Lavender Sugar Scrub - Bend Soap Company

The best part about this sugar scrub is that it’s made using only high-quality coconut and olive oils (unlike the GMO soybean, canola, or vegetable oils that you’ll find in many big-name sugar scrubs). Using high-quality oils is more spendy than the ingredients used in other sugar scrubs, but we refuse to compromise on quality to ensure our customers get the best sugar scrub possible.

#4 A bar (or two!) of goat milk soap, $4-4.95

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for us to start preparing our skin for the warm weather that’s soon to come! With seasonal transitions, many people find that their skin is dry, dull, and could use a little TLC. If you’re not sure where to start, just grab a bar of goat milk soap.

Citrus Mint Goat Milk Soap - Bend Soap Company





Each bar is packed with rich moisturizers, vitamins and minerals your skin craves. Plus, because we use a limited number of all-natural ingredients, our soap works with your skin, not against it, gently buffing away dead skin cells and locking in moisture. With 15 different scents to choose from (check all of them out here), we've got a few scents in particular that are perfect for this special time of year.

Top goat milk soap scents for spring:

  • Looking for something that’s truly spring-inspired? The new limited edition spring labels on our English Garden and Citrus Mint Goat Milk Soaps can help you give your skincare routine a much-needed refresh.
  • For those of you who are fans of our English Garden Goat Milk Soap, you may find this Vienna Rose Goat Milk Soap to be your favorite scent. 
  • When it comes to wearing short-sleeved shirts and shorts, eczema and psoriasis are definitely not fun to deal with. If you can relate, pick up our best-seller for sensitive skin, Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap.

  • If you’re a gardener who’s looking for a little extra oomph, try our Lavender Blossom Goat Milk Soap (it’s packed with tiny lavender buds that help exfoliate as you clean!) Or, opt for the classic Hint of Lavender Goat Milk Soap scent which offers all of the same benefits as our Lavender Blossom scent without the lavender buds. 

#5 A bottle of all-natural goat milk lotion, $12.95

Have you ever taken a second to look at the ingredients that were in a normal bottle of lotion? You’ll probably be surprised to know that alcohol (in various forms) is typically one of the top five ingredients listed on the label. The irony of this is that alcohol zaps moisture from your skin and actually dries out your skin. If moisturized skin is what you’re after, this is the goat milk lotion you need.

Our goat milk lotion is free of...

  • Alcohol
  • Dyes
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • GMO oils
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • And other toxic ingredients

Each bottle of our lotion is hypoallergenic and gluten-free
 which is exactly why we use it as the main ingredient in our DIY after sun lotion recipe. Perfect for your entire body! If you’re looking for an everyday lotion that’ll do what it’s supposed to do (keep your skin moisturized and packed with nutrients your skin is craving) then pick up a bottle today!

What Did We Forget?

What's your favorite spring-inspired, go-to skincare product that we forgot to mention? Join the discussion by leaving a comment below or share your thoughts on our Facebook Page. And for the full spring experience, explore the limited edition products in our Spring Scents Collection! If one of these is your favorite scent or product, stock up now while they're available — once these products are gone, they won't be back until next spring!

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I would love to try the skin care, lip butters and the soap. They all look so good but I have to start off slow.

Patsy Veazey

I’m interested in trying the almond milk lotion and the sweet Orange lotion. The I scented one is totally clearing up my dermatitis patch that I’ve lived with for over 30 years !!!! Rose Evans. Customer for life

Rose Evans

I love the soap, would like to try lotions and lip balm. I have shared my soap with my sister and my son-in-law whould both have skin issues.


Love the eucalyptus mint bar soap! Would love to try the orange lotion.


I would love to try the natural deodorant. Love the soap and lotion.


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