Tangerine Spice Milk Bath

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Tangerine Spice Milk Bath

Ingredients: Fresh Goat's Milk, Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Red Palm Oil, and Essential Oils (Tangerine and Clove). That’s it!

Description: Tangerine Spice Milk Bath is soothing yet stimulating. We paired the clove with tangerine oil which physically stimulates the generation of new cells and uplifts your mood. Throw our all-natural milk bath into the mix and you’ve got a world-class skin rejuvenator!

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Soothing Yet Stimulating

Tangerine Spice Milk Bath is soothing yet stimulating, you’ll feel supremely content yet passionately driven. How can these opposing qualities blend so perfectly? Cloves and tangerines, my friends! Many of us are familiar with the charismatic, spicy fragrance of cloves. Less widely known are the bud’s antiseptic properties and naturally balanced motivating and calming effects on the mind.

Using Our Tangerine Spice Milk Bath is Cheating

That’s right, cheating. When bathing with a handful of Bend Soap Company’s Tangerine Spice Milk Bath, you’ll be filled with that deep down contentment feeling that usually comes after a long rewarding day of good old fashioned hard work. You know that sensation: coming home from tilling the earth and felling trees in the cold, crisp mountain air, then flopping into the welcoming arms of your favorite armchair in front of the roaring fire. The soul-satisfying heat of the fire envelops your toes then creeps up your legs to your thankful heart, nourishing your body with its life-giving warmth as the sensation cascades down your shoulders and through your arms and finally, you feel the earnest heat move through palms to your fingers: comfortingly electrifying! With our Tangerine Spice Milk Bath, you get a similar relaxing and warming experience.

Want the Best Skincare Program?

We are often asked how to use our products together for the best all-natural skincare solution. So we’ve outlined our recommended three-step approach!

  • Step 1: Use our Goat Milk Soap to clean your skin without aggravation.
  • Step 2: Moisturize with our Milk Bath to soak in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will nourish your skin. For an even deeper and longer lasting moisturizer, try our Sugar Scrub in the shower or bath.
  • Step 3: Then lock in all of that goodness with our Goat Milk Lotion.

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