Eczema Care Soap

Goat Milk Soap for Eczema: Quick, Easy, Natural Relief

If you don’t suffer from eczema, you probably know somebody who does. Everyone's skin is different, and we certainly aren't claiming to CURE** eczema. Experts say that eczema is somehow related to digestive issues (be it allergies, sensitivities, etc.). However, by our own experience, and by the hundreds of customer reviews we receive all the time, it's safe to say that this soap is pretty special.*

“I tried the soap and it was absolutely amazing! Having eczema all of my life I have tried many remedies, but I wanted to especially send a note to share my experience with Bend Soap. It worked immediately and had my skin feeling great! I also tried it on my face after having a recent allergic reaction and the blemishes vanished IMMEDIATELY! Look forward to making more purchases (and already shared my story with my friends on Facebook and Twitter).” - Selvena Brooks 

How Does Goat Milk Soap Help Relieve Eczema?

When our third son, Chance, developed itchy, bleeding eczema, we needed help, and fast. Read Chance's story here and learn how Bend Soap Company was born.

“I happened across your soap this last Sunday at the Sisters, Oregon Craft Fair. I bought a couple bars hoping it would help with my 15 month old's skin. I noticed a difference after just one bath. I could NOT believe it. She's had moderate eczema since she was born and this is the first thing that has actually helped. I'm going to recommend it to all my friends with young kids and I will definitely be ordering more. Thank you so much for this product!!” - Kelli Martin 

Chance’s Natural Eczema Treatment Routine

Which Soap Works As A Natural Eczema Treatment?

Using our nourishing goat milk soaps in place of other commercial soaps is the first step in dealing with eczema. All of our Goat Milk Soap is made with the same nourishing formula, however, we recommend starting with our purest soaps (those that contain no additional scenting). The two below are our Unscented varieties. We also have other types of Goat Milk Soap that we recommend for Sensitive Skin that are also soothing and gentle.*  



Unscented is great for those with very sensitive skin – babies, eczema, eczema babies, raw skin, etc. It is made of goat’s milk, coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil – that’s it. Moisturizes, hydrates, repairs and nourishes.

Oatmeal & Honey is just like our Pure and Natural soap with the addition of real honey and real oats. The oats have anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin. The honey is also anti-inflammatory and extremely moisturizing.

More Soothing Products

In addition to our wholesome soaps, try soaking in a goat milk bath using our Milk Bath. The milk and oils in the soap absorb into the skin while soaking while you are enjoying a relaxing and luxurious spa treatment. Finish your regime by rubbing our natural Goat Milk Lotion on any dry spots. Ahhh...

milk bath.jpg


lotion app.jpg


Milk Bath - Add a handful of the shredded soap to your bath water. Watch the water turn a milk white as you soak from head to toe. Dead skin cells easily sluff off as the nourishing milk and oils soak in. A luxurious experience all from your own tub.  

Goat Milk Lotion - Applying this 100% All Natural Goat Milk Lotion is the icing on the cake for your skin. Filled with wonderful nourishing oils and goat milk, this product helps to seal in the moisture for all day or all night relief.

What's in Our Soap?

For a full list of ingredients, please click here.

Eczema Information

Eczema refers to any sort of dermatitis – skin inflammation. The most severe and chronic form of eczema is atopic dermatitis. This disease is characterized by irritated, sensitive skin which is often red and dry. Severe eczema can even blister up, weep or peel. The itching can be so intense and unrelenting it causes the victim to scratch until he bleeds. We know - that’s what would happen with Chance. 

Eczema Facts: 

    • Eczema affects over 30 million Americans
    • Eczema is more common in children than adults
    • 65% of eczema cases are diagnosed in children under 1 year old
    • 90% of eczema cases are diagnosed in children 5 and under
    • Symptoms may lesson as children age but may never go away altogether

The exact causes of eczema have yet to be positively identified. It is suspected that eczema is the result of an over reactive immune system attacking allergens in the skin. Some people react when they come in contact with certain substances. Regardless of the cause, one thing is certain – eczema is a nightmare.

The treatment often prescribed for eczema is a dermatological cream of some sort. However, many people with eczema experience only a short spell of relief, or worse, they find that the cream makes their eczema worse!


Many commercial remedies for eczema are made of harsh chemicals that dry out and irritate the skin, such as sodium lauryl sulfate (which is also used to clean garage floors and degrease engines.) Since synthetic eczema remedies rarely have any lasting effects, many eczema sufferers are looking for an all natural eczema treatment to help relieve their symptoms without any negative side effects.

*Disclaimer: We here at Bend Soap Company do not intend to diagnose any skin conditions or offer that our soaps will "cure" any skin conditions. The causes of eczema, psoriasis (and other skin issues) are not completely known. We also do not intend to say that our products will CURE eczema. As far as we know, our soaps have only been known to help ease the symptoms and irritations caused by eczema – and in many cases make these symptoms disappear. Per our own experience, and per others that have used our soap (and their testimonies and reviews), we recommend trying it and seeing for yourself.