Something Is Missing in Our Soap

Something Is Missing in Our Soap

When strolling down the soap aisle of the grocery store, there is the natural ease of your fingertips picking up the normal go-to soap before moving on down the shopping list, unconcerned.

But, did you know that in most “regular” soaps there are great amounts of toxic chemicals that can harm your skin, as well as your overall health? In fact, the average bar of soap has 15-20 chemicals! And what's worse, the front of your soap bottle or bar may not add up to what the ingredient list says on the back.

Bend Soap Company

Your skin is not a protective barrier, as once thought by skin care manufacturers of old. Since we now know that your skin absorbs what is put on it, your skin might soak up the good put into these products, but it also soaks up the bad. These awful elements can go right through your skin and into your bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your immune system (yikes!).

"The average bar of soap has 15-20 chemicals!"

In our all natural goat milk soap, we intentionally decided to leave out a few things. There are no dyes, no parabens, no alcohols, no synthetic ingredients and no GMO’s of any kind. When it comes to ingredients, the less you see the more you get! So put your mind at ease and relax in a bath with our wholesome bars.

Our FEW Ingredients:

  • Fresh Goat’s Milk
  • Saponified Coconut, Olive and Palm Oils
  • Essential Oils

Yes, there is PLENTY “missing” from our soap and we are more than proud to admit it. Goat milk soap gives your skin and body a fighting chance against free radicals, germs, and bacteria while leaving your skin nourished and glowing.

What is it About Goats Milk?

The thing is that goats milk is actually loaded with vitamins and minerals. It goes to work for you promoting healthy skin function, skin renewal, and protection against whatever skin damaging issue it might come against. Goats milk gets through our layer of dead skin cells and is easily absorbed into the living tissue, bringing in key nutrients that nourish skin.

How Could it Get Any Better?

Well, you can order it right here and now, so just go walk over to your fridge and cross soap off your grocery list because we have it covered! You can look through all of our light, mild, and refreshing scents to find the one just right for you. There are also lotions and accessories (like this one) that add to an all-out spa experience.

Happy lathering!

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