How to Toss the Toxins, Start Clean Living & Win Free Stuff

How to Toss the Toxins, Start Clean Living & Win Free Stuff

We’re running a huge contest this month! But before we tell you what it's all about, let us tell you why we're having it…

As you may know, our son, Chance, suffered from severe eczema years ago. It was during our search to find him relief that we started looking at labels and learned that most “trusted” name brand products we were using were loaded with toxic ingredients. That’s what compelled us to start making all natural soaps and skin care products as a natural alternative to the junk we had been using.

Since then, we’ve met hundreds of people who, like us, were shocked to discover how many products in their home contain toxic ingredients. If you want a primer on things to look out for, check out our recent blog post How to Live a Healthy, Toxin-Free Life.

The journey of becoming educated about the ingredients we put on our body, tossing out toxic products, and finding all natural alternatives has had a big impact on our health and vitality and we believe it can have a big impact for you, too.

That’s why we’re celebrating our 7th anniversary this September by encouraging people to toss the toxic products out of their homes and replace them with all natural product alternatives as a simple step towards clean living. Why? Because we believe that when you understand the ingredients that are in the products you use, you will want to join the rapidly growing number of educated consumers who are tossing toxic products out of their homes and switching to healthy, safe, all natural product alternatives.

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#TossTheToxins & Take a Step Towards #CleanLiving

Our #CleanLiving contest is all about helping you live a healthier, toxin-free life and take a step towards clean living. Ready to join in on our anniversary celebration for a chance to win a Deluxe Home Set Up Gift Basket full of Bend Soap Company products?

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Go through your home and check the label of products you’re using to scout out any toxic ingredients (this blog has a list of common toxins to look out for that are often found in “trusted” name brand products as well as places where you might find them in your home.)

  2. Upload a video to Facebook or Instagram that shows products you have identified with toxic chemicals that you’re going to toss out of your home.

  3. Tag Bend Soap Company (@BendSoapCompany) in the post and include #CleanLiving and #TossTheToxins. That’s it!
Our hope is that this contest will provide education and inspiration regarding how easy it is to replace toxic products that reside in so many people’s homes with natural alternatives. By inviting you to upload videos of your efforts to #TossTheToxins, we hope to initiate a movement that inspires others to take action towards #CleanLiving.

What You Can Win

You could be 1 of 7 lucky winners who will receive a custom Deluxe Home Set Up Gift Basket with everything you need to make your home a #CleanLiving zone.

    • 3 travel size bars of Goat Milk Soap (regularly $6.75)
    • 2 full-size bars of Goat Milk Soap (regularly $11.90)
    • 3 Soap Dishes (regularly $10.50)
    • 3 bottles of Goat Milk Lotion (regularly $38.85)
    • 3 Lotion Pumps (regularly $3.00)
    • 1 Milk Bath (regularly $10.95)
    • 2 Natural Deodorants (regularly $13.95)
    • 1 Sugar Scrub (regularly $9.85)
    • 1 Foot Scrub Brush (regularly $5.95)
    • 1 Loofah bag (regularly $4.50)

How to Toss the Toxins, Start Clean Living & Win Free Stuff - Bend Soap Company

Regularly valued at over $116 (not including the associated shipping and handling costs which we'll cover, too!), this is a great opportunity for you to jumpstart your clean living journey and start using safe, clean, all-natural products in your home (that actually work!)

Additional Notes

This contest will run from September 5-21, 2018 and is open to all ages and residents of the United States. We'll select 7 winners and announce them in a post on the Bend Soap Company Facebook Page on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Winners will be contacted privately via email or social media to obtain the necessary information for us to ship them their prize.

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We Love all your produc,🙏❤️


My family love your product

Angela Binkley

I have been using a few of the products and in a short amount of time I’ve noticed an amazing difference and improvement in my skin! I love that I can let my 2 yr old grandson use the ‘chapstick’ and it won’t harm him in any way (we know how little ones will sometimes bite them, lol!). I’m anxious to try all the products! I let people know about your company and products all the time! Thank you so much.

Marynell Wooten

Congrats on your anniversery! Your products have made all the difference in my skin and fragrance sensitivities. Love them all. Thank you!

Pam Martin

Contest should include a place for people to enter who already live clean and are just wanting to try new products? My grandson was diagnosed with PANDAS and his brother has some skin issues so I ordered some of your products for them to try but would love to win some for myself to try! Thanks for listening

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