Smell Like a Hero All Day Long, Naturally

Smell Like a Hero All Day Long, Naturally

The childhood memories we have of how our fathers smelled to us as children are endless and unique to each of us.
What scents remind you of yours?

We recently sat down with a few members of the Johnson crew and asked them what their Dad, Founder and Owner of Bend Soap Company, smells like to them. Listen in as we explore what the “scent of Dad” means to us and how you can keep yours smelling fresh and feeling his best this Father’s Day and beyond.

New Natural Deodorants for Men

With the launch of our new Men’s Line, helping Dad smell good, look great, and feel his best is now easier than ever before. All of the products in this collection are formulated with more masculine scents, all-natural ingredients, and work hard to meet the daily demands of keeping the skin clean, hydrated, and odor-free. But today, we’re spotlighting one new product that’s been highly requested for years...

All Shield — one of our most popular, customer-approved scents here at Bend Soap Co. — is now available in a natural deodorant!

All Shield Natural Deodorant - Bend Soap Company

Customers have raved about our All Shield products for years due to its rich blend of 6 different essential oils: clove, cinnamon, orange, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Individually, these pure essential oils lend a wide variety of benefits to the skin, but together, they help disinfect naturally and defend against germs. If you haven’t had the chance to try this scent yet, All Shield can best be described as having a sweet, spicy, and uplifting scent closely resembling Young Living’s “Thieves” oil or Doterra’s “On Guard” essential oils. Our thoughts are that if it’s admired so much as a soap, salve, and milk bath, it only makes sense to create an All Shield Natural Deodorant

If you have sensitive skin or have found that your underarms don’t respond well to baking soda, the All Shield Natural Deodorant (Baking Soda Free) version is your best option. With an improved baking soda free formula, we added grapefruit seed and green tea extracts in this version to provide natural odor-fighting abilities and a super-smooth application. Green tea extract is a powerful antioxidant with polyphenols that can help protect the skin while grapefruit seed extract brings its powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties to the scene. And in true Bend Soap Co. fashion, all of our natural deodorants are made without aluminum, dyes, parabens, chemicals, dyes, or other toxic ingredients you’ll find in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants. 

Whether you’re just now starting to think about making the switch to natural deodorant, have been using it for years, or want to encourage Dad to make the switch, we think it’s time that everyone has more options to make the switch to clean, natural, quality skincare products that work just as hard as they do. Finally, you can round out your suite of All Shield products — All Shield Goat Milk Soap, Milk Bath, and Defender Salve — with a natural deodorant that will keep your underarms odor (and chemical!) free all day long. 

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Spoil Dad this Father’s Day by customizing a Father’s Day Gift Set to give him a sampling of all things new here at Bend Soap Co. Just don’t forget to add on a Beard Grooming Kit for anyone with a beard or mustache! Order by June 15th so we can get your order delivered to you (or the recipient!) in time for Father’s Day.

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    This video made me smile and warmed my heart! I am thankful that Da Da does not smell badly any longer! ;) I am a great fan of Bend Soap Company and the family! :)

    Paula R Johnson

    I love love love your soaps! For the past 2+ years it’s all I’ve used and I have completely done away with that dry skin itchy feeling. They all smell wonderful and I highly recommend trying them . We even take them on vacation with us!


    It’s been a while since I purchased your products but I always loved them. The oatmeal all spice soap the coconut lotion orange lotion and men deodarants are my favorites.


    I just love your soap u got a customer for life. Thank You for making this product!! Won’t bathe with nothing else!!!!

    Hope Ramirez

    Looking forward to trying some of your products!!!

    Kathy DeJardin

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