Can Bend Soap Help My Acne?

Can Bend Soap Help My Acne?

With 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 suffering from mild to severe acne outbreaks, this skin problem has attracted lots of attention. Scrubs, face-washes, treatments and expensive gels have all been dedicated to keeping our pores clean and skin smooth. But do they really help?

A few years ago, we began making bars of Goat Milk Soap using a blend of milk from our own goats and a combination of high-quality oils that gently cleanse and hydrate the skin while cleaning off dead cells and impurities. These nourishing, all-natural ingredients combined to make a soap that fed the skin instead of irritating it with harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Within weeks of using our soap, we noticed a big change in our little Chance's eczema, and since then we have received hundreds of testimonials from customers sharing their stories about how helpful our products have been for their skin ailments (like eczema and psoriasis). But what about acne?

What Causes Acne?

There's a heated debate that surrounds the exact cause(s) of acne. Stress, poor eating habits, sun, dirt, makeup, not enough sleep, genetics, clogged pores... The list is never-ending. 

While there are a variety of culprits said to cause acne, one thing is certain: if your skin is already wounded, sensitive, and inflamed, rough chemically-filled cleansers are not going to help the skin. It doesn't make sense to put toxins (even dermatologist-suggested toxins) on flesh that is raw and open.

Like we said earlier, we formulated this nourishing cleanser for those struggling with eczema, not acne. However, we have received so many positive reviews from those who began washing their face with our goat milk soap (read Allison's guest post on how she used our soap as a face wash here) that we couldn't help but share their stories with you. Who knows... Maybe this simple bar could treat your acne for less than 5 dollars, too! Below are some reviews we've collected from our website, our Facebook Page, and blogs.

Your story could sound like this:

Screenshot of a customers comments, praising how great Bend Soap's products were for her face

Screenshot of a comment by a customer who liked how their skin looked and felt after using Bend Soap products

Try a Bar of Goat Milk Soap Out for Yourself

From eczema to psoriasis, rashes to acne, we have customers who are raving about how our Goat Milk Soap has helped improve the overall look, feel, and health of their skin. Of course, we aren't doctors, and we don't claim to cure any disease, but our all-natural products have worked miracles. If you are like us (sick of spending money on expensive skin treatments that irritate the skin) then pick up a bar of our Goat Milk Soap (available here in a variety of different scents, all for only $4.95) and try it out for yourself.

We love all of our scents, but a few of our favorite bars to try on your face due to their soothing and antibacterial properties:

Best Case Scenario:
Smooth skin, relief, and clean pores. You'll also know where to turn if you want
silky smooth skin for life!

Worst Case Scenario: You'll have spent a little under $5 on a bar of all-natural goat milk soap that you can use as a body wash. Still a win-win, right? Let us know in the comments below if you've tried using our Goat Milk Soap as a face wash! 

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My daughter has really bad acne at age 12. Her dermatologist prescribed a product that burned her skin so she couldn’t use it as she also has super super sensitive skin. After two weeks of using Dermalmd Acne Serum I cannot believe how much it has cleared up her skin AND it doesnt burn or hurt her at all.

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My daughter Abigail is 10 and has already been dealing with severe Acne on her forehead nose and chin for well over a year now. We have been to the dermatologist where they gave her harsh Retin-a cream that made her poor face raw as can be and didn’t even get rid of the Acne. We went back and they wanted to put her on Accutane 😳🤯. She was only 9!!! We have been trying a natural acne solution for about 11 months now but it is no longer helping at all and drying out her face. She scratches it because it is so itchy. 😪
My sister told me about your company and how much the lotion and goats milk bath has helped my 2 year old niece and her eczema! So I am going to try these products (tea tree soap and lotion) on my daughter! My son is 12 and has also started with mild Acne and blackheads, nothing like my daughter but still hoping it helps him, as well! We will let you know.

Lisa D

Hi Linda!

Lotion should be back in stock in early March. We can’t say exactly when at this point but hope to have it in stock or have a firm date for when it will be by our newsletter we will send out in early March.

Regarding bulk scrap, if you are referring to the large bags of milk bath – it’s available now! On the website, go to Milk Bath. Then select the size you want (we sell it in 1.5 oz, 7 oz, 1 lb, 2 lb, and 4 lb amounts for each scent).

If you are referring to our Bulk Scrap Sale (of "scrap bars”), if you hurry you can get what’s left from our January sale by looking on our web page under “Goat Milk Soap” and at the bottom of the list and click on the “Bulk Scrap Sale” link. Or – click here:

NOTE: We are just about out! We typically do the bulks scrap sale in January (though – we may do one mid-year as well so pay attention to our newsletters for more info and to make sure you don’t miss the next bulk scrap sale!).


Hi Bend family,

could you let me know when unscented lotion and bulk scrap are in.

linda nielsen

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