An Update from Our Co-Founder!

An Update from Our Co-Founder!

With so many new — and plenty of familiar! — faces around here, we wanted to take a moment to share the story and mission behind Bend Soap Company. Here’s a little back-story to fill you in on where Bend Soap Company started and what’s happened over the years, as written by our Co-Founder, Marilee.

Watching a child suffer is so hard. As Dwight and I watched our son struggle with his eczema, we searched for a product that would help with his pain and itching. When no product was found in the stores, our research led us back to our very own farm.

We learned that fresh goat milk was rich in nutrients. Looking at our goats, we wondered… Could soap made with this milk be the answer to our son’s eczema

True, there were already plenty of soaps to choose from, but we discovered they are laced with toxins and junk! The more labels we read, the more we felt like lab rats who were slowly being poisoned.

“We need a pure soap!” Dwight proclaimed.

Keeping the ingredients simple and pure, he handcrafted his own bar.

Each day our son soaked in a bath of this pure, nutrient-rich soap, and before we knew it, his pain and itching were gone! We were so encouraged by the results, we made more soap and shared it with family, friends, bank tellers... Anyone who was interested.

The word spread and people started asking for more, and more soap. A small family farm business began and the soap was sold at craft shows up and down the west coast.

Wherever we went we always had travel soaps to share. Soon more natural products joined the soaps as we worked to provide natural solutions for more of our skincare needs.

The soap has not changed over the years, for its all-natural goodness is precious. As we grow, we choose not to compromise on the quality of the ingredients, for what goes on our skin is too great of importance to be careless.

To those who give our products a try, we hope you enjoy. It is our mission to make these products available to all. We want you to LOVE your skin… One bar at a time!

Welcome to the Bend Soap Co. family!


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I arrived home last night from vacation excited my first BSC package had arrived. I took a shower using Honey Grapefruit Soap and the Lavender Goat Milk lotion afterwards. All I can say is You Guys Nailed it!! I’ve been touching my skin all day. Amazed at how silky it feels. Thank you BSC. 🤗❤️

Kristen Bailey

My son my granddaughter and several members of my family suffer from eczema and psoriasis and excited to get my order and try it and give some of the bars to my family thank you for such thorough information it truly helped

Sherrie Palmer

Hi I have a one-year-old grandson that has cradle cap do you think that the lemon grass so make me able to help him? Thank you for your help


After my cancer diagnosis in 2018 I began looking for bath soap without chemicals that would not dry my skin out. I saw your soap on Facebook. My granddaughter had just married and moved to Bend so I decided to try it. I love it. My surgeon is very pleased with the way my scars have healed. I told him he did a great job and he replied he could not take the credit. I have good skin!! It has to be the soap because I have always had dry skin. I have also used the bath soap for bathing my 3 year old great grandson. He was born with Hirshsprungs Disease. His colon was removed at 2 days old. His little bottom stays raw because of the acidity in his stool. The bath soap seems to be very soothing. I’ve only tried it a few times but after bathing the next morning it looks much better.


I have very sensitive skin and could expect to have some kind of dermatitis at least once or twice a year. I used Yardley Oatmeal soap for years, and then a couple of years ago they changed the formula. My skin dried out immediately and lost its luster, and I became itchy—as if my skin had no protection at all. It was devastating for me, as the Yardley soap had been the only product I could rely on. After looking in drugstores, on Etsy, specialty shops I came upon Bend Soap. WHAT A RELIEF! Finally, a product I can rely on again, to soothe my skin and help it to retain moisture and smoothness. The eczema and dermatitis have subsided. I can’t recommend the Bend Soap products highly enough. I have used the Oatmeal bar soap and Unscented bars. Like another poster, I make sure I don’t run out. Thank heaven for this wonderful company!

Liz G.

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