From Farm to Shower: The Journey of a Bar of Goat Milk Soap

From Farm to Shower: The Journey of a Bar of Goat Milk Soap

Did you know it takes about 10 weeks from start to finish to prepare the delivery of your beloved bars of Bend Soap Co. goat milk soap? We’re preparing for your order long before you even place it! Follow us as we step through the journey of handcrafting our bars of goat milk soap.  


It’s not our signature soap without fresh, raw goat milk. The process begins with the milking of our goats. As our business has grown, so has our need for milk. Consequently, we have expanded our herd and moved it off-site to a local dairy that is more accommodating to an ever-increasing herd of goats. This allows us to focus on production while still having access to this precious ingredient! We receive weekly deliveries of milk from our goats which we use as the main ingredient in each and every one of our goat milk soap products.


To meet the demands of our customers, our production team spends 5 days a week hand-making our bars of goat milk soap. It takes one of our soap makers around 1.5 hours to produce a single batch of soap. That’s pretty impressive work considering one batch is equal to about 560 bars of goat milk soap!

The slabs of soap cure for two days before the team cuts them into bars and then moves them to curing racks. These curing racks will serve as their home for the next 6-8 weeks. Curing the soap allows any excess moisture to evaporate, making for the hard, long-lasting bar of soap you’ve come to know and love. 


If you walk into our Soap House on any given afternoon, you’re bound to find a lively group of people laughing together and bobbing along to music while performing their daily labeling tasks. Every bar of soap and every product we make at Bend Soap Co. is hand-labeled by our fabulous Soap House staff. Through hours of practice, they’ve mastered this process so well that one team member can flawlessly label 270 bars in one short hour! These products are then strategically organized on our fulfillment line to ensure the oldest bars (AKA the best ones to use) are shipped out first. 


After all of this preparation, we’re ready for your order! As you may have already noticed, we like to add a personal touch to every order we fulfill. When our team arrives in the morning, the first thing they do is sit down with the day’s orders and write out a friendly note to each customer. These notes are then slipped in with your hand-picked products and surrounded by our biodegradable (and even edible!) rice peanuts for ultimate protection.

From Farm to Shower

Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours! If you place an order today, it may only take 2 to 3 short days for you to receive your package. But in reality, we’ve been working on those products and thinking about you for months.

Now back to you: what part of our goat milk soap production surprised you the most? Share your thoughts and join the conversation by dropping a comment below. We always enjoy hearing from you!

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Packing for travel before discovering Bend Soap products: Face wash, body wash, shampoo, face lotion, body lotion & conditioner. 6 items.
Packing for travel after discovering Bend Soap products: goat milk soap & goat milk lotion. Only 2 items!
The simplicity and naturalness of these products is what I love.

Loretta Weisenborn

I have problem skin, especially my face, so when I saw your advertisement for goats milk soap , I thought I’d try it. It has worked out great, my skin is nice and calm since the goat milk soap is so mild. Thank you!


Hi I would like to know how much is the goatmilk soap and do your also have capsules, cause I would like something that works from the inside my body aswell.

Jayshree hiralal

I guess I’m surprised that each bar is labeled by hand! But I love that!! Your company is so personal and proud of all products, and that’s great this day and time! I also love each personal note that comes with each order…and especially the free travel bar of soap that comes with each order!! What a nice surprise:)❤️

Jan Blackledge

I use the bar soap and lotion and I love it! I even carry a bottle of lotion in my purse! I love that it can be used on your face. I just placed another order also including the lip balm, shreds, and sugar scrub, can’t wait to try. I’ve been telling everyone about your products. I already know I will be purchasing for Christmas.
The main reason I wanted to try your brand was all of the testimonials from people with eczema with photos. I have heard before of the miracle qualities of goats milk.
Thank you for bringing great products.

Vickie Bastida

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