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A Mother's Confidence

This blog post was written by Bend Soap Company Co-Founder, Marilee Johnson. 

Motherhood is such a high calling. It’s a constant sacrifice but it’s so rewarding. It’s full of life and energy and, in our home, it can sometimes feel like a daily circus! I’m sure many of you can relate. 

All in all, motherhood has so many bright spots. You’re watching your children learn all the time. They’re discovering new things and facing challenges and you get to guide them through that. It’s incredible, and is truly my life’s work.

With ten children, I hardly have any extra time, yet one of the most important things we can offer our families is our time. As mothers, we want to do what’s best for our families and that means protecting them and giving them our best. Spending that precious time finding products for them — and wondering if the products are even doing any good — is incredibly time consuming. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we did when we found out that one of our children, Chance, had eczema. 

When we first started trying to find answers that would help Chance find relie against the constant itching and redness, I would look online, ask friends, and look in the groceries stores for products that would help. But searching for solutions just took me away from things that were really important. The whole family was suffering. That’s also why it was so exciting when we finally did find something that worked. 

When we realized that the bars of goat milk soap that Dwight was making were helping Chance’s eczema, it was like we were given a new lease on life. My confidence as a Mother was renewed and I felt good knowing that we were finally able to help our son. We wanted every mother and parent to experience that same kind of freedom! 

When there are so many options out there, finding something that actually works can feel almost impossible. And when most of the “natural” products have mile-long ingredient lists and you don’t recognize any of the ingredients they have listed, it’s hard to know who to trust. 

We use Bend Soap Co. products for everything. Aside from being used as a natural body and face wash, we use the bars of goat milk soap to wash our dishes, as a natural shampoo bar, and even as a shaving cream. Because of that, I know with confidence that I’m not putting toxins on my children’s skin. Life is full of choices, options, and so many decisions. Even if you or someone in your family doesn’t have a skin condition, our bodies are always fighting off environmental toxins. Being able to take care of our skin and do what’s best for our bodies and overall health all at once is a total triumph. 

I’m confident about our choices and I want other mothers to have that same confidence. That’s why I choose Bend Soap Company. What’s your reason for choosing Bend Soap Co.?

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Kierstyn Tong

I can SO relate to your journey, Marilee. My little guy has food allergies, and with that, terribly sensitive skin and eczema issues. Wanting to find relief for him, I tried just about ALL the creams, lotions, and potions but nothing made it better and sometimes even made matters worse! While chatting with a mama friend about my son’s skin woes, she told me about Bend Soap Co and cut off a piece of her last bar and sent me home with it. It sounded like “miracle soap” so I was hopeful although uncertain. But lo and behold, this simple goat-milk goodness was exactly what my little boy’s skin needed. The red angry splotches began to fade and he would let me slather the lotion all over him without tears or struggle. And bath time? He now asks for his “soap-soap” and rubs it on himself! This mama is SO grateful for Bend Soap Co!


So curious how to use the soap as laundry detergent! Thanks!


I loved this video! I, also, love the confidence I have that I am nurturing my skin, not damaging it (and my health) by using Bend Soap Company products. I love tossing a handful of your milk bath, adding some epsom salts, lighting a candle, and taking a long “soaky” bath. Thank you for blessing so many people by choosing to make good-for-one’s-skin products.

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