Bar of Tangerine Goat Milk Soap Laying on a Towel Folded On Top of a Serving Tray

5 Ways to Be a Warm & Welcoming Host

Welcoming a house guest and making sure they’re comfortable is something every host wants. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lavish house or a large wallet to be a warm and welcoming host. It’s easier than you may think to make your guests’ stay unforgettable. 

Whether you have visitors stop by year-round or are preparing for holiday guests, greet your guests with a warm welcome that extends far beyond your first hellos. Here’s how:

#1 Prepare a guest tray

It’s no secret that serving trays are one of the most versatile kitchen and home decor items you can find. Use them to corral special items that we all too often forget to pack plus a few “extras” can turn any space into a five-star hotel.

Easy items to outfit your guest tray: 

  • A handwritten welcome note
  • Bottle of your favorite goat milk lotion
  • Extra toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
  • Hair ties
  • Lip butter
  • Q-Tips
  • Water carafe and cup
  • Local magazine
  • Small vase of flowers (if you really want to go the extra mile!) 


Having some of the necessities and “forgotten items” will help make your guests feel comfortable and welcomed right from the start. Plus, you’ll find that personalizing a guest tray is actually kind of fun! 

Pro Tip:
You can’t go wrong adding a bottle of Unscented Goat Milk Lotion to your guest tray (just don’t forget to add a lotion pump for easy dispensing!) Your guests will love that you opted for high-quality essentials instead of just grabbing a travel size bottle of big-name brand lotion from the closest grocery store. Plus, this is a great option for those who have sensitive skin.

#2 Stock the shower

Nothing rejuvenates tired travelers more than a great night of sleep and a warm shower. But whether they’re flying or driving, travel size toiletries can be a pain to pack and are easily forgotten about. The last thing anyone wants to do when they arrive at their final destination is stop by a convenience store to grab body wash or shampoo. Instead, stock your shower with a multi-tasking powerhouse: a bar of your favorite goat milk soap. A single bar can be used as body wash, face wash, shampoo, makeup remover, and shaving cream. 

If you want to take it up a notch, add a container of sugar scrub to the shower. It’ll help your guests relax and feel pampered and refreshed. Plus, if you live in an area where the temps have already dropped, guests will love how the rich blend of oils in this scrub leaves them with a healthy glow (without that greasy feeling!) and helps them fight off rough, scaly skin. 

Pro Tip: Bar soap lasts longer when it can dry in between uses. Grab a soap dish (we’ve got two options available here) or a hangable loofah bag for a little extra exfoliation. Just be sure to wash your loofah bag between guests! 

#3 Don’t forget the bathtub

This is where your hosting skills can really shine! Create a place of comfort and luxury for your guests by having a selection of milk baths placed right next to the bathtub. For a spa-like touch, add a few fluffy, rolled up towels and a bathing accessory with a pumice stone (like this one) or a scrub brush (like this one). Guests may not take you up on this offer to sit back and relax, but it’s just another small, thoughtful way to help them look and feel their best when they’re far away from the comforts of their own home. 

Chai Tea Milk Bath

Pro Tip:
When choosing a milk bath, pick a scent that compliments the time of year. You can’t go wrong with any of our seasonal scents like Mt. Bachelor Pine Milk Bath or Chai Tea Milk Bath

#4 Outfit the kitchen sink

No matter how comfy your couch is or how cozy the chair next to the fireplace may be, guests always seem to congregate in the kitchen. Whether you’re preparing a meal, hanging around talking, or cleaning up dishes, don’t forget to outfit your kitchen. 

Your kitchen soap needs to be both gentle — because we wash our hands a lot when we cook but don’t like having dry hands — and effective against grease, grime, and odor. Cater to both with a single bar of goat milk soap. 

Yes, you read that right; our goat milk soap is fantastic for washing dishes. It lathers up quickly, washes off grease and grime like a pro, and is made with 100% natural ingredients. Plus, it won't dry out your hands like normal dish soap detergents do. During the holidays, we love pairing a bar of seasonal Tangerine Spice Goat Milk Soap with a bottle of Almond Delight Goat Milk Lotion (this scent combo is amazing!)

Pro Tip:
Check out Marilee’s personal video demonstration for using goat milk soap as a natural dish soap.

#5 Send your guests home with a gift

Hostess gifts are always a great idea, but as a host, we can also surprise and delight our guests with something they can take back home with them. It’s a small gesture that can make your guests’ visit a happy memory they’ll fondly look back on and remember.

If your guests are flying back home, keep the TSA liquids rule in mind and avoid sending them home with items that likely won’t make it through airport security. Instead, opt for something simple and practical like a few travel size bars of goat milk soap tied with a ribbon. 

If your guests are driving back home, your options are limitless. We love the idea of leaving a gift basket full of your favorite skincare products in their room for them to not only use during their stay but also take back home. If your guests are visiting during the holidays, this can also double as a holiday gift

  • For a small token of appreciation, look no further than the Mini Gift Basket. It comes with one of the most versatile skincare products you can use: goat milk soap! This small but mighty (and 100% customizable) gift set comes with two bars of soap and a soap accessory of your choice. 

  • Send them home with a little bit of everything you introduced them to during their stay with the Deluxe Gift Set! This gift set has everything they need to wash, soak, exfoliate, and hydrate any type of skin from head to toe and has a variety of gift box options to choose from.


Each time they use the products they’ll think of their visit with you and remember how pampered you made them feel!

Back to You

Whether you’re preparing for house guests or outfitting your Airbnb listing, being a gracious host is so much more than just welcoming someone into your space; it’s about making your guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and right at home. If you follow any of the tips and ideas above, your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they see that you’re so prepared for their stay. Not only that, but while using high-quality skincare products every day might not seem like much to you, the gesture can go a long way with your guests.

Now back to you: What are some of your favorite ways to be a welcoming host? Join the conversation and inspire others by leaving a comment below. We always love hearing from you!


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I have tried several goat soap s but yours I love the best makes my skin soft and I have emizama and it does wonderful job

Sara Forwood

I like to have a basket of fun things or gifts for children visiting to avoid a boring stay for them. It’s no fun if only the adults are having fun.


I always try to plan ahead and have drinks and snacks I know they like.


Ugh I love hosting.maybe next year


I like this page


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