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10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

At Bend Soap Company, we believe that love is shown in action, not sentiment! That’s why we absolutely love being able to help people find the perfect gifts to honor their loved ones on special occasions, and Valentine’s Day isn’t any exception. So, if you’re still thinking of ways to show someone you care, forget your “I’ll just pick up a teddy bear and chocolates at the drugstore” idea and try one of our 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas below.

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

#1 Make a heart shaped pizza

Depending on where you live, there are some pizza restaurants that already do this on Valentine’s Day, so this gift idea could be as easy as ordering a pizza via phone or online. However, we like the idea of making your own pizza even more so that you can customize your toppings and ingredients (don’t forget about any food allergies!) and create a truly one-of-a-kind culinary creation.

#2 Buy a year-long magazine subscription

If your Valentine has a specific hobby or interest that you’d like to cater to this year, but you’re not completely sure what type of gift would be fitting, consider buying them a magazine subscription. This thoughtful gesture is guaranteed to make the recipient think of you each time a magazine is delivered to his or her mailbox.

#3 Call up your local florist and order some flowers

We know, we know… This idea might seem a little bit played out at first thought, but think back to a time when someone surprised you with a totally unexpected bouquet of flowers -- remember how excited you were and how happy your heart was? Sending flowers is a classic go-to for special occasions and for good reason. You may be thinking times have changed, and you're right! But the change has been for the better making flowers an ok gift to give both women as well as men. And don’t forget that flowers can symbolize different feelings:

  • Daisies - loyalty
  • Red Roses - romantic love
  • Yellow Roses - friendship
  • Bamboo - good luck
    So this year, keep the idea of sending flowers fresh in your mind, regardless of who the recipient may be.

    #4 Make it easy on yourself and order one of our gift sets

    A lot of our customers tell us that they enjoy the convenience of ordering our gift sets during special occasions like the Luxury Sweetheart Gift Set and The Essential Gift Basket. When you order a gift basket you’re able to purchase one single gift that contains several individual gifts within it (almost like a Bend Soap Company sampler!). Our gift set options accommodate every budget and come delivered in a beautiful (and reusable) gift basket or sachet bag. You’re even able to customize the scents of each of the products in the gift set!

    • Mini Gift Bag, includes 1 full-size bar and 1 travel size bar of our all-natural Goat Milk Soap wrapped in a beautiful sachet bag, $11.45

    • Small Gift Basket, includes 2 full-size bars and 2 travel size bars of our all-natural Goat Milk Soap, 1 Milk Bath, and 1 Soap Dish in a beautiful decorative tin, $22.50

    • The Essential Gift Basket, includes 3 bars of all-natural Goat Milk Soap, 1 Milk Bath, 1 bottle of all-natural Goat Milk Lotion, 1 Wooden Soap Dish, and a Loofah Pouch all presented in a decorative metal tin, $38.95

    • Luxury Sweetheart Gift Set, include 1 Milk Bath, 1 Goat Milk Lotion, 1 Lotion Pump, 2 Loofah Bags, 2 bars of all-natural Goat Milk Soap, 1 Foot Scrub Brush, and 1 Sugar Scrub all nestled inside beautiful decorative tin, $39.95

    • Deluxe Gift Basket, includes 2 full-size bars of all-natural Goat Milk Soap, 1 Milk Bath, 1 Natural Deodorant, 1 Lip Butter, 1 Sugar Scrub, 1 bottle of Goat Milk Lotion, topped off with an assortment of our accessories (1 Loofah Pouch, 1 Foot Scrub Brush, 1 Lotion Pump, and 1 Wooden Soap Dish) and presented in a beautiful faux leather gift tote, $58.50 (regularly $65.00)

    Don’t forget to use coupon code soap25 to save 5% on orders $25 or more, soap50 to save 10% on orders $50 or more, and soap100 to save 15% on orders $100 or more.

    #5 In-home spa treatment

    Can you imagine the joy your Valentine would feel coming home from a long day at work to find that you’ve prepared a relaxing bubble bath for them? We all could use a little time to relax and reflect, even on Valentine’s Day. Why not do so by drawing a warm, luxurious bath and transforming your bathroom into a restorative sanctuary (complete with a hefty handful of Milk Bath) for your special someone? Not sure if a Milk Bath would be appealing to your Valentine? Give them an at-home massage instead using  a moisturizing lotion that contains essential oils like our Sweet Orange Goat Milk Lotion. A 10-minute foot soak is another great option (make sure you check out our go-to foot soak method, first!)  

    10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Bend Soap Company

    #6 Make a “52 Things I Love About You” deck of cards

    If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen Pins like this floating around at one point or another, but we think this is the ultimate small but mighty way to say “I love you” and love how unique, personal, and unexpected this gift idea is. Essentially, you write 52 different things you love, appreciate, or admire about someone on each individual playing card from a whole deck of cards. The end result is a mini book of 52 things you like (or love) about someone, guaranteed to melt the heart of whoever receives it. To keep things easy, we Pinned instructions here, but don’t be afraid to give this idea your own twist!

    52 Things I Love About You - Bend Soap Company

    #7 Replace an ordinary care product with a handcrafted version

    This is a simple gift idea that will work for anyone you’ve got on your Valentine’s Day radar. Replacing an ordinary care product that everyone uses (like lotion, body scrub, or even deodorant) with an all natural, handcrafted version is a guaranteed way make your sweetheart feel a little pampered and also gives them an opportunity to try something they might normally not indulge themselves with. This is also an extremely cost-effective gift idea -- for less than $5, you can get an all-natural bar of goat milk soap from Bend Soap Company. It doesn’t get much easier than that now does it?

    #8 Create a set of homemade coupons

    If you’re looking for another creative and budget friendly gift option, creating a set of homemade coupons is the way to go. You can download templates online but we’re fans of grabbing some construction paper and making your own. Whether they’re for a friend, significant other, or family member, the creativity behind these coupons is only limited by your imagination. Stuck on ideas to write on your coupons? Here are a few to get you started:

      • Breakfast in bed
      • Laundry service (bonus points if you use our all-natural laundry detergent!)
      • Dinner and a movie
      • Exclusive use of the remote
      • A home-cooked meal of their choice
      • A back massage

      #9 Whip up a home-cooked meal

      Sometimes the best way to celebrate special occasions is to keep things simple. If you love to cook, this is the perfect way for you to show off your culinary skills in the kitchen. And if cooking isn’t necessarily your forte, your efforts in the kitchen will show your dinner guest that you went through the trouble of doing something out of your element to make their day just that much more special. Whether you decide to cook their favorite meal or test the waters with a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try out, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by the power of happy bellies!

      #10 Use one of our printable Valentine’s Day cards

      We get it, this time of year can creep up on the best of us. To make things go a little smoother, (and save you the hassle of having to make a last-minute dash to the drugstore to pick up a card), we’ve created four four different Valentine’s Day card options for you to print out and use this year. These card options are so timeless, so don’t be surprised if the recipient leaves theirs posted on the fridge or hanging up on a wall all year long. You can grab your free printable Valentine’s Day cards here.

      Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards - Bend Soap Company


      There You Go, 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

      Whether you’re in a rush or still have time to prepare, we hope you found this list of 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas to be helpful. And if you try out any of these ideas, don’t forget to post a picture to our Facebook Page or tag us in your photos you share online! Save