The Product suite From Mission Farms CBD

Offering all-natural CBD oils and CBD skincare products, Mission Farms CBD crafts their products using organic ingredients such as CBD, essential oils, and goat milk.

One unique advantage to the Mission Farms CBD product line is that the CBD is infused with organic essential oils to address specific health conditions. These essential oils contain healthy components called terpenes, which interact with receptors in your brain to affect your health in positive ways.

Specifically, Mission Farms crafts its product with four major varieties:

- REST CBD will deepen sleep
- RELAX CBD will calm your stress
- RELIEVE CBD will ease your discomfort
- PURE CBD will boost your overall well-being

We know you will feel good again with these luxurious products from Mission Farms CBD.

CBD Goat Milk Soaps and CBD Goat Milk Baths

The deep partnership between Bend Soap and Mission Farms means that we can create all-natural products together, using the best we both have to offer. Their CBD Goat Milk Soaps and CBD Goat Milk Baths are the same great products made by Bend Soap, but they have been infused with CBD.

In addition to CBD, these CBD Goat Milk Soaps and CBD Milk Bath Soaks boast the beneficial properties of goat milk and essential oils. They make a normal bath feel like a visit to a luxurious spa.  Go on… you deserve it!


CBD Goat Milk Creams

The Goat Milk Creams from Mission Farms CBD  are saturated with the powerful antioxidant properties of CBD and are chock full of vitamins A, E, and C. They are excellent for promoting healthy, youthful skin. The Rest CBD Cream helps deepen sleep, the Relax CBD Cream helps calm stress, the Relieve CBD Cream helps ease discomfort, and the Pure CBD Cream helps with sensitive skin issues. These CBD Goat Milk Creams are all-natural and toxin-free.

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All-Natural CBD Oils

Mission Farms CBD is on the same quest for better health… without pharmaceuticals, nasty chemicals, and unwanted side-effects. That’s why they create premium CBD Oils that are hand-crafted to offer you the rest, relaxation, and relief you need.

The special combination of CBD, MCT coconut oil, and organic essential oils provide your body with the exact ammunition you need to address health ailments. The Rest CBD Oil helps deepen sleep, the Relax CBD Oil helps calm stress, the Relieve CBD Oil helps ease discomfort, and the Pure CBD Oil helps your overall well-being.

Start with a trial-size CBD Oil bottle with 10 servings, or get the full-size CBD Oil with 40 servings.


CBD Joint and Muscle Gel

Mission Farms CBD Joint and Muscle Gel is a game-changer. Whether you are an athlete looking for a quick recovery from your workouts, or a mature adult seeking relief from the pain and inflammation of arthritis, our CBD Joint and Muscle Gel will turn your “Ouch!” into “Ahhhhh.”

Crafted with aloe, menthol, essential oils, and 300mg of CBD, Mission Farms CBD Joint and Muscle Gel provides quick comfort from the icy-hot sensation followed by a lasting reduction in pain and inflammation from the CBD. The cooling effect of the gel desensitizes your nerves while the warming effect relaxes your muscles.

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Relieve CBD Roll-On

The Relieve CBD Roll-On from Mission Farms CBD is an all-natural synergy of CBD and essential oils that can easily be applied to sore and inflamed spots on your body with a simple roll-on bottle.

Whether you have sore muscles from a workout, or arthritis in your joints, just roll this little bottle of healing CBD over the problem area for quick relief. The CBD calms an overactive immune response in order to reduce inflammation, while also increasing the availability of your body’s natural pain-killer, anandamide.  The Relieve CBD Roll-On is an all-natural pain solution, created from only organic essential oils, organic coconut oil, and CBD. Feel good again with Relieve CBD Roll-On.

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