Who Cares If You Eat Organic If You Don't Use Goat Milk Soap

Who Cares If You Eat Organic If You Don't Use Goat Milk Soap

Are you disgusted by the sheer amount of chemicals sprayed on your food these days? Do you pay more money at the grocery store to avoid feeding your family toxic pesticides and herbicides that glaze the produce at the supermarket?

With glaring organic debates on the media, you're probably aware that ingesting food that contains pesticide residue is dangerous to your health. In fact, according to the Center for Food Safety, 47 different pesticide residues were found in conventional apples by the USDA Pesticide Data Program (PDP). Who would have thought that eating an apple could ever pose such a danger to your health? But combating chemicals and other harmful toxins isn't just limited to the food that we eat. The scary truth is that the average bar of soap contains between 15-20 harmful chemicals. And just like the pesticides on your food, these chemicals are absorbing directly into your bloodstream.

Avoiding Harmful Chemicals

If you avoid putting chemical-laden food in your body, but ignore the 60% of chemicals being absorbed through our skin, all that extra time and money you spent shopping for organic produce isn't going to pay off like you had hoped. To keep a healthy body, it's important to not only keep harmful substances from entering through our mouths, but also through our skin (the largest organ of the body).

Products that may be chemical culprits in your home include:

    • Shampoo: Most contain dyes, synthetics, and alcohols.
    • "Soap" and Body Wash: From GMO oils and synthetic preservatives, these name brand products are almost always packed with unnecessary ingredients.
    • Bubble Bath: The bubbles come from Sodium Laurel Sulfate.
    • Lotions and Creams: Full of alcohols, paragons, and other synthetic fillers.

What's In Your Soap?

Not all beauty products are created equal and it turns out that even a simple bar of soap is a major culprit for transporting chemicals into our bodies. Loose regulations mean that big-name companies are able to add ingredients to their products without government review or approval. According to The Huffington Post:

"This industry is highly unregulated. There is no pre-product approval before a product hits the market and enters your home. A minuscule approval process exists, but only for color additives and ingredients classified as over-the-counter drugs. Many of these synthetic chemicals are skin irritants, skin penetrators, endocrine disrupters and are carcinogenic."

Common ingredients found in big name brand soap:

    • Genetically Modified Oils: Such as canola, corn, and "vegetable".
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Used to creates bubbles, this chemical is known to be a skin, lung, and eye irritant.
    • Parabens: Used as a preservative, this ingredient is linked to many different types of cancer.
    • Phthalates: Believe it or not, this group of chemicals is actually used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl! Phthalates are also linked to many types of cancer.  
    • Alcohols: Dries out your skin, causing it to become weak and brittle.
    • Dyes: These synthetic colors are often derived from chemical-based sources. 
    • Triclosan: This ingredient was noted by Mercola as being "the soap ingredient you should never use — but 75% of households do." 

The Solution? Use Goat Milk Soap

Understanding the chemicals that are in the products you use should make you think twice about what you’re putting on your skin. Thankfully, we know that just like produce can be generated without harmful and unnecessary chemicals, so can skincare products. And whether it's going in your mouth or on your body, you should know exactly what's being used to create the products you buy at the store. We list every single ingredient we use on the back of our labels, and our customers often tell us that one of the best parts about our goat milk products (outside of quality) is that when they look at the label, they can read and understand ever single ingredient we use. Using high-quality ingredients is important to use, and when we make our products, we don't include any chemicals or other unnecessary ingredients — no junk!

The harmful ingredients may be missing from our products, but the quality is definitely not lacking. Goats milk is naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals, and it goes to work for you, promoting healthy skin functions, skin renewal, and protection against whatever skin damaging issue it might come against (such as sunburns.) It makes its way through our layer of dead skin cells and is easily absorbed into the living tissue, bringing in key nutrients that nourish skin.

We hope that this post has inspired you to take matters into your own hands and remove these poisonous chemicals from your life. If you've already made the step towards using all-natural products, leave a comment below and share your experience! 

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