Where in the World is Bend Soap?!

Where in the World is Bend Soap?!

Thank you to all those who participated in our August "Where in the World is Bend Soap?" Competition! Who would have guessed that in one month, our soap would travel to the beach, Norway, Bergen, and Geiranger?

We had so much fun seeing where Bend Soap Company has traveled, we decided to share our favorite photos with you. In fact, we also decided to continue the tradition of vacationing with Bend Soap Company.

So, if you:

  1. TAKE: Take your Bend Soap Company products on vacation and snap a creative photo of you both (you and your Bend Soap Company product, that is)

  2. TAG: Tag @bendsoapcompany in the photo on Facebook or Instagram and include #WhereInTheWorldIsBendSoap 

  3. EMAIL: Email us the picture

You'll get a FREE bar of soap with your next order! 

A Few of Our Favorite Submissions

Gannage family holding goat milk bar of soap next to goat

Congratulations to the Gannage Family for this winning "Where in the World is Bend Soap?" photo! From one goat to another, this soap is the best!

Man holding goat milk bar of soap in front of statue

Thanks for sharing Bend Soap with this little public bather! From what we hear, he's never going back to a life without soap. 

Girl holding goat milk bar of soap in front of flower garden

This little bar was not only lucky enough to visit a picturesque, vibrant, flower garden, but he also had a beautiful tour guide. Talk about a home run!

Little girl in pink coat standing next to Lavender Blossom goat milk bar of soap in front of fountain

We barely notice that bar of Lavender Blossom Goat Milk Soap with such a precious little smiling face beside it!

Where in the World is Bend Soap?!

It looks like Bella Tangerine Spiced up summer with a vacation to the beach!

Where Are You Taking YOUR Bend Soap Products?

If you're like us, you hate having to use those sticky, chemical-filled bars of soap that they have in most hotel bathrooms. We've gotten so used to the natural oils, soothing goat's milk, and aromatic fragrances in our products that we actually bring a few bars with us whenever we go on vacation.

Remember, you can get a FREE bar of our 100% all-natural Goat Milk Soap with your next order! Just Take, Tag, and Email us a photo of you with your Bend Soap Company products while you're out traveling the world! No location is too big or small. You already do this for friends, right? Let us join in the fun! We're looking forward to finding out where in the world is Bend Soap is next. #WhereInTheWorldIsBendSoap 

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