What Will Happen If I Eat My Goat Milk Soap?

What Will Happen If I Eat My Goat Milk Soap?

You may be thinking, "Umm, who eats their goat milk soap?"

Well, our skin absorbs over half of the substance placed on it directly into the bloodstream. So even if you're not eating your soap bar with your mouth, your skin is!

A good test to see if we should put a product on our skin is, "What would happen if I ate this?" Yes, what would happen if you physically took a bite of that bar of goat milk soap, chewed it up, and ate it.

Food for Your Skin

To see what might happen if you ate a bite of your bar of goat milk soap, let's take a look at the ingredients first.

Fresh Goat's Milk

Yum! The first ingredient in our soap is this delicious treat. Goat's milk helps digestion, speeds up metabolism, increases bone density and is rich in B vitamins, calcium, and other minerals. Here at Bend Soap Co., we even drink it by the glass!

Coconut Oil

This superfood contributes to stress relief, increased immunity, and better brain function. Coconut oil is used in cooking due to its nutrient dense health properties, so if you took a bite out of your soap, no worries here!

"...Even if you're not eating your soap bar with your mouth, your skin is!" 

Essential Oils

The health benefits of essential oils are nearly limitless. However, they don't only benefit the skin. When ingested, these 100% natural oils possess amazing healing properties.

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Olive and Red Palm Oils

Again, both of these oils are used in cooking for not only their great taste but their health properties as well! Olive oil helps reduce the risk of depression and strokes, while red palm oil is loaded with vitamin E, powerful antioxidants, and flavonoids. These ingredients not only nourish your skin but your insides, too!

Sounds tasty and healthy, right? But before you swap your energy bar for a soap bar...

Soap also contains lye, a necessary ingredient in soap making. Lye is a natural ingredient that, in the past, comes from soaking hardwood ash, but it isn't a part of our food chain.

What'll Happen if You Consume Goat Milk Soap?

So, what would happen if your little one snatched a bite of your goat milk soap off the counter and took a bite? Nothing!

No frantic "911" dialing, no stomach pumping, no queasy tummy. But while the ingredients we use to make our bars of goat milk soap are always 100% natural and free of harmful toxins, we don't promote our soap as being edible. Your bar of goat milk soap was created to soothe your skin, not satisfy your appetite. 

**We do not suggest that you begin eating goat milk soap. Keep it as a healthy snack for your skin instead!**

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