We Have Your Holidays Covered: Goat Milk Soap Gifts for Everyone

We Have Your Holidays Covered: Goat Milk Soap Gifts for Everyone

As the store's crowd and roads get busier, we know how it can be when getting those last few things on your list for loved ones. The good news? Bend Soap Company has many great gift options that you can order while you're snuggled up in a blanket on your couch!

Among the yummy treats, fun trinkets, and things, it's a pleasant and uplifting experience to receive a relaxing gift for the mind, heart, and body. A gift perfect for any man, woman or kiddo you wish to bless this season.

Goat Milk Soap Gifts for Everyone

We've listed our favorite stocking stuffers and last minute ideas that are sure to help you "clean up" that gift list you've got.

Milk Bath:

Ah, a nice warm bath is exactly what anyone needs right after the holidays are over, right? Each container of our milk bath is packed with curls of our goat milk soap which steadily dissolve in warm water while your skin soaks in the natural goodness and your mind has the chance to rest. 

Travel Size Bars of Goat Milk Soap:

These little squares are perfect for filling up the nook and crannies of remaining space in those stockings! No matter which scent you choose, our goat milk soap is sure to put a smile on anyone's face! 

Bathroom Accessories:

Yes, you read that correctly! Give friends and family a bar of their favorite scented goat milk soap along with our beautifully handcrafted Natural Wood Soap Rack. There are also handy All Natural Loofah Bags and Natural Foot Scrub Brushes that'll leave the skin feeling renewed and rejuvenated!

A Pre-Made Gift Basket:

If you can’t decide and find yourself wanting all of these, we've got you covered! There is always that one person you don’t quite know exactly what to get, so how about a little of everything, and then some? Our Gift Sets come in a variety of options and are put together in a selection of beautiful and reusable tins for you to choose from.

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Don't forget to place your order before December 20th to ensure that we can get it to you in time for the Holidays! And don’t forget to get yourself a little something while you are at it!


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