The Best All-Natural Skin Care Products for Men

The Best All-Natural Skin Care Products for Men

We’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of men out there who are switching to all-natural skin care products from Bend Soap Company! Avoiding toxins and potential dangers in other commercial products, while not compromising on quality? Yes, please!

For some guys out there, when there are goats to be milked, fields to plow, and a laundry list of chores to get done around the farm, they just don’t have the time to think about how their skin care products are making their skin look and feel. Maybe — in an attempt to get more done in less time and out the door even faster — they’ve tried out those 2-in-1 shampoos and body wash products they’ve seen at the drugstore. But the bottle started collecting dust once they noticed that the ingredients dried out their skin and the pungent “mountain breeze” scent left them with a pounding headache.

Or, maybe they’ve been using the same skin care products for years because they didn’t realize that there actually were all-natural options out there that would leave their skin hydrated and looking its best without breaking the bank. Here’s our logic: if the special men in your life only have a few minutes to shave, shower, and prepare their skin for the day ahead before bolting out the door, shouldn’t they be using effective products that hold double duty?


"If the special men in your life only have a few minutes to shave, shower, and prepare their skin for the day ahead before bolting out the door, shouldn’t they be using effective products that hold double duty?"

Bend Soap Co. products are not only natural and healthy to use on your entire body, but can also be used in multiple ways, working just as hard as you do. For example, a single bar of our goat milk soap can effectively be used as a body wash, 
face wash, and shampoo. It even produces a velvety smooth lather that’s perfect to shave with! Or, if your man doesn’t shave, the goat milk soap is a perfect beard wash, preventing typical irritated skin beneath the hairs and leaving a soft, smooth texture.

But the durability and versatility of our products doesn’t stop with the soap; our other all natural skin care products are just as effective and loved by the men who turn to Bend Soap Company for their skin care products.

Check out what our customers are saying... 

The Best All-Natural Skin Care Products for Men - Bend Soap Company - Testimonial 1
"I would not have caught this fish if I hadn't showered with pine scented soap!" - Customer review


The Best All-Natural Skin Care Products for Men - Bend Soap Company - Testimonial 2
"My husband was an Ivory man until I introduced him to this. He loves it!" - Happy wife


The Best All-Natural Skin Care Products for Men - Bend Soap Company - Testimonial 3
"I purchased the soap and lotion for my husband. He has eczema and nothing has been working... until now! We love the long lasting smell of the soaps and the lotion has worked wonders. Thank you! :)" - Another happy wife

No wonder more and more men are making Bend Soap Company products a part of their daily routine. Curious to know what the favorites are? Here are five of the most popular guy-tested and gentleman-approved products that will make your everyday grooming healthier and a little more enjoyable.

#1 Mount Bachelor Pine Goat Milk Soap 

If your man is an outdoor adventurer, camper, fisherman, or wanderlust, this is a scent he’s likely to love!

Mount Bachelor Pine Goat Milk Soap - Bend Soap Company

Our Mount Bachelor Pine Goat Milk Soap smells like the forest, has natural insecticide properties to keep bugs at bay, has a blend of essential oils known for their antibacterial properties, and is great at tackling sap! It can be used as a body wash, face wash, shampoo, or shaving cream (it lathers up beautifully!)

“I have always had skin challenges, but goat milk soap from Bend Soap Company has replaced all other soap and shampoo options in our shower! Being a rugged outdoorsman, Mount Bachelor Pine is my scent of choice and I never go without it!  It’s a great biodegradable option for taking along on my adventures as well.” - Erik Miller

#2 The Woodsman Natural Deodorant

Ditch the aluminum found in most commercial antiperspirants — an ingredient that’s found in most drugstore antiperspirants — one swipe at a time with this natural deodorant.

The Woodsman Natural Deodorant is long-lasting, provides an ultimate defense against body odors throughout the day, and has an unforgettable can’t-get-enough-of-it-scent. The best part? There are zero chemical ingredients, fillers, or aluminum in this deodorant, just all of the good stuff that will work as hard as he does!


"Once we decided to 'go natural', my wife would always make me try expensive natural deodorants that made me smell horrible... because they didn't work. Then after we started making our own, I tried it out. I was amazed! It worked better than the commercial deodorants and I didn’t even have to re-apply! I could be working all day (sweating up a storm), or skiing all day, and before I'd have to roll down the windows in the car because of the smell. Now, I feel as fresh as when the day started! It's amazing... I'll never go back to blue-dye commercial stuff again or any other! The Woodsman scent is awesome!" - Dwight

#3 Unscented Sugar Scrub 

Your man doesn’t have to be a regular at the spa to appreciate the great benefits of our all natural sugar scrub! Though often skeptical at first, we’ve had countless men become raving fans of our sugar scrub. Made with real grains of sugar, GMO-free coconut and olive oils, and real honey, the Unscented Sugar Scrub will exfoliate the skin then nourish and moisturize it, leaving your man with healthy skin that’s ready for anything their day throws at them.

Unscented Sugar Scrub - Bend Soap Company

We’ve heard it being used as an invigorating treat after a long workout at the gym and as a great way to soothe blemishes and body acne, too!

#4 Eucalyptus Spearmint Lip Butter 

If your man works and plays in the sun and wind, the Eucalyptus Spearmint Lip Butter might just become his new favorite everyday essential.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Lip Butter - Bend Soap Company

Give that old chapstick an upgrade with a stick of the GMO-free Eucalyptus Spearmint Lip Butter! Made to protect and last, this non-glossy balm will take care of lips in any type of weather with ingredients that have even been known to offer their own natural SPF properties. Snag a variety pack with multiple lip butters just in case.

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#5 All Shield Goat Milk Soap 

This bar of goat milk soap is a must-have for any guy who’s in need of a good cleaning after a long day outdoors. The unique blend of essential oils in the All Shield Goat Milk Soap get even the dirtiest skin clean and smelling like a million bucks after taxes. A great bar to keep on hand for those days when “dusting off” just won’t cut it!

All Shield Goat Milk Soap - Bend Soap Company

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This Father's Day, give the gift of healthy skin to the special men in your life! It’s a great time to introduce them to multi-use products that will clean their skin, keep it hydrated, and get it healthy from the inside out. Just be sure to order by June 11th to have your items shipped directly to your door in time to surprise Dad.

And whether you’re looking to introduce the gentlemen in your life to Bend Soap Company or are curious about other skin care products out there and just want to know what all the buzz is about with our bars of goat milk soap for men, we’re confident that everyone will love the way their skin looks and feels after using these products.

If you're a guy, what are some of your favorite skin care products to use? And if you're a gal, which products and scents are your man's favorite? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below!

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I originally purchased your soap for me to use, so I was surprised when my husband started using it too, and liking it! Right now we are currently using the oatmeal and honey. We hope to try the other varieties soon!

Rebecca Shipe

Need to get this for my son


My Husband shampoos and conditioners his beard regularly. I try and get him natural products to use. He loves cedarwood and eucalyptus as well.

Elisa Baguena

Getting my husband to make the switch to natural nontoxic skincare products had been a process, but I’m so thankful he’s embraced the switch!


We currently have All Shield and Eucalyptus Spearmint but I but hubby would love the Mt. Bachelor Pine!!


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