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The Benefits of Goat Milk Soap & 5 Unexpected Ways You Can Use It

If you’ve spent any time browsing our website and learning about our family’s story and the launch of Bend Soap Company, you know that we are pretty big fans of goat milk. Perhaps more importantly, we’re big fans of goat milk soap. We began using it to treat our son’s eczema, and after seeing how well it healed and nourished his skin, we decided to share our amazing creation with the world.

In addition to our original Unscented Goat Milk Soap that’s made from just four main ingredients — raw goat milk, coconut oil, red palm oil, and olive oil — we currently sell 15 other varieties that are blended with all-natural essential oils to create a relaxing, spa-like experience right in your bathroom. But our goat milk soap isn’t just for bathing. We’re firm believers in multi-tasking, and our little bars of goat milk goodness are masters of versatility. 

Whether you’re looking to get a smooth shave or trying to find a baby wash that you can actually trust, our goat milk soaps are for you. Here are 5 completely unexpected ways you can use them: 

Shaving Cream

When you’re looking for a close, smooth shave, a thick lather will act as both a lubricant and a barrier between your skin and the blade. Traditional shaving cream manufacturers know this, so they formulate their products to be especially rich and frothy. Unfortunately, to achieve this effect they often use sodium lauryl sulfate, an ingredient that can cause skin irritation and has been shown to be highly allergenic for eczema sufferers.

The good news: There’s no need for shaving creams with sketchy ingredients when you can simply lather up with our vitamin- and nutrient-rich goat milk soap. Not only will the olive and coconut oils in our bars provide an effective lubricant, but the humectant properties of the goat milk will keep your skin smooth and moisturized long after your shave.

🛈 Pro Tip: Our Mount Bachelor Pine Goat Milk Soap is perfect for men who prefer a more masculine scent, but who want to keep their skin nourished all the same.

Solid Shampoo Bar

There’s a reason why solid shampoo bars have taken the hair care market by storm: In addition to being better for the environment, as they use less water and packing than traditional shampoos, they’re just plain fun (and easy!) to use. After all, who wouldn’t trade their bulky shampoo bottles for a convenient bar? 

While most shampoo bars are designed for hair only, our goat milk soaps can be used on your body, face, and hair. This further cuts down on your footprint, all while saving shelf space and a ton of money on products. 

Just as it does with skin, goat milk penetrates the hair shaft for deep moisturizing. Meanwhile, the all-natural oils in our bars will create a smooth, frizz-free look. All you have to do is wash and go! More details on that here

🛈 Pro Tip: For an extra pick-me-up during your morning shower, shampoo with our Eucalyptus Spearmint Goat Milk Soap. The grapefruit, lime, and spearmint essential oils will invigorate you for the day ahead.

Face Wash

If you’re like most people, your bathroom is probably filled with countless products that all serve a different function — especially for cleansing. And if you’re like most people, you probably wouldn’t dream of using the same soap for your body and your face. But with goat milk soap, you may change your mind. 

Because they’re used around the eyes and other sensitive areas, face washes are often gentler than traditional soaps and body washes. The good news about goat milk soap is that it’s naturally gentle, but it’s also super effective. In addition to providing a deep-clean, goat milk also promotes anti-aging and reduced inflammation. Thanks to lactic acid, a gentle alpha hydroxy acid that is found naturally in goat milk, our goat milk soaps can help fight lines and wrinkles while promoting general cell turnover.

🛈 Pro Tip: The Vienna Rose Goat Milk Soap is made with all-natural geranium rose essential oil. This luxurious ingredient provides a relaxing scent while also calming the skin and fighting inflammation caused by acne and other issues. 

Baby Wash

If you haven’t taken a look at the ingredients list on traditional baby care products lately, you probably should. But we’ll warn you: it’s not a pretty sight. Common ingredients found in traditional baby washes — including parabens and mystery fragrances — can cause allergies, rashes, and even cancer. 

On the other hand, goat milk soap is made with non-toxic ingredients that are gentle enough for babies while also nourishing for their sensitive skin. It’s why our goat milk soap is at the top of our list of
must-have skincare products for newborns.

🛈 Pro Tip: To soothe a fussy baby before bed, wash the day away with our Hint of Lavender Goat Milk Soap, made with gentle and soothing lavender essential oil.


Exfoliation is important for sloughing away dead skin cells and keeping skin bright and youthful-looking, but we’ve been conditioned to believe that an exfoliator must be rough to be effective. As such, companies are adding all sorts of ingredients to their products that can actually do more harm than good, including walnut shells. Not only can these exfoliators irritate the skin and speed up the aging process, but some, like microbeads, can end up polluting our oceans and waterways.

Though it may not seem like it, goat milk is actually a great natural exfoliator. Instead of scrubbing away dead skin cells, the lactic acid it contains naturally dissolves the bond between those cells so that they are easily washed away, with very little effort or irritation.

🛈 Pro Tip: To bump up the exfoliating power of our regular goat milk soap, we created our Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap. While gentle enough for sensitive skin, the oatmeal is super effective in eliminating dryness and irritation to reveal healthy, glowing skin.

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With so many personal care products on the market, we know that it can be difficult to determine the best ways to spend your hard-earned money. With that in mind, we’ve developed our goat milk soap for maximum use. We want you to get the most bang for your buck, and because we use each bar for multiple purposes in our own home, we can attest to their effectiveness. We hope you’ll give them a try!

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Just wondered what would be the best soap for my 17 year old grandson with eczema. You have such a wonderful variety of soaps, I just wanted to know which would be the best choice.

Terry Hadley

My big family of seven love all your products. After first time we used your soaps we fall in love. I have sensitive skin and my baby have mild eczema after 1 week of using goat soaps and lotions we can see good results, they reduced redness on my face and helped a lot with my baby’s eczema. Wonderful, gentle, smells amazing and moisturizing products. We also love deodorants that really works, salves and sugar scrubs. Thank you for putting nature into your products and for sharing your story. Everything God made is good for the body and soul.


I hardly ever write reviews, but; I had to reach out to you and your family to thank you for the wonderful goat milk products. Most importantly, thank you for reasonably priced products. I have tried other brands and none of them are comparable to your products. I’m a customer forever.


I absolutely love all of your goat milk soaps and yes, we have been using them for face and body, so effective and gentle. The smells are so wonderful and natural! Thank you for making your products, and keep up the awesome work! I have been a customer for awhile now, and continue to buy your soaps as well as recommend to my friends and daughters. 🤗


I absolutely love all of your goat milk soaps and yes, we have been using them for face and body, so effective and gentle. The smells are so wonderful and natural! Thank you for making your products, and keep up the awesome work! I have been a customer for awhile now, and continue to buy your soaps as well as recommend to my friends and daughters. 🤗

Alicia Skulbru

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