Super Sunday Selfcare

Super Sunday Selfcare

Some Americans can’t conceive how other people could spend their Super Bowl Sunday NOT watching the big football game. There are so many ways to use this time that can be entertaining, fulfilling, or simply good for the soul (and skin!). A few ideas…

  • Try one of our luxurious Milk Baths and have yourself an at-home spa day

Whether you're a football fan or get roped into watching athletic events you have absolutely zero interest in, we're proposing a solution that will make both sports lovers and non-participants enjoy Super Bowl Sunday much more!

Turn Super Bowl Sunday into an opportunity to do that skincare routine you've neglected for quite some time. We all have so many things that we'd do to our skin if we had just a bit more time on our hands, am I right?

Add a little self-care and pampering to your Super Bowl Sunday! Plan out your Super Sunday skincare routine so that no matter the outcome of the big game, your skin will still be winning. Your favorite sports team may get defeated, but at least your skin is glowing! Feel like a real winner—a champion!

Check out Bend Soap Co. play-by-play to help tackle that tired, dull skin. Create a strategy to make a touchdown with healthy, glowing skin!

Rules to Dominate Your Skincare Game

RULE #1 - Stay consistent!

Few players are so talented that they could skip practice and win a game. To be successful, players must practice every day to stay fit and perfect their game. If you neglect your skin every day, you will be left scrambling to treat skin issues without addressing the cause of your skin imperfections. Healthy habits = glowing, healthy skin! For best results, find a Bend Soap Co. goat milk product that works for you, even if it's just a 5-minute skincare routine, and stick to it every day. Our customers see the best results when they stay consistent using our products!

Bend Soap Co.

RULE #2 - It takes a team!

Even a super talented quarterback needs the help of his teammates to win the game! Don't drop the ball by trying to do everything with just one product! We have a whole line of goat milk products made directly for specific skin conditions. Start with our hydrating and exfoliating Oatmeal & Honey goat milk soap. It lathers beautifully, leaving you moisturized and clean. In need of acne control and toning? Try out Tea Tree and Vienna Rose goat milk soaps. Add our goat milk lotion and salve into your skincare routine for extra hydrated skin! Finish up with our buttery-smooth lip butter that is bound to keep your lips hydrated all day and night.

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RULE #3 - Wear the right gear!

How important is it for a football player to wear a helmet while playing football? Extremely important! To avoid injury, all players need to use safe and quality gear. The same is true for your skincare products. Be conscious of the products you use. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and acts as a tissue, absorbing most everything that you slather on it. The ingredients in your products will enter your body and into your bloodstream. READ INGREDIENTS!

Bend Soap Co. has always kept the ingredients simple and pure with no added junk. We’ve chosen not to compromise on the quality of the ingredients, knowing that what goes on your skin is too important to be careless. Make the change and switch to Bend Soap Company’s all-natural skincare products that work and change lives for the better!

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To Sum it All Up

Not all men love Super Bowl Sunday, and not all women hate it. Guys that hate it don't have to sulk. Instead, they may fill their time taking care of themselves! Day spas are not just for women, and this day can offer the perfect time to indulge in the self-care you've been craving! Shop our Best for Men!

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