Spring Ditch and Switch

Spring Ditch and Switch

Purging Toxic Home Products This Spring

You've got your sponges, mop, vacuum, and cleaning bucket filled with cleaning products all lined up and ready to go, but when was the last time you looked at the ingredients list on your cleaning products? 

Marilee, a dedicated mother of 10 and co-founder of Bend Soap, prides herself on her annual spring cleaning routine. With a bustling household, she knows the importance of a clean and organized home. 

A few years back, as she reached for a bottle of multipurpose cleaner, she couldn't ignore the long list of ‘chemicals’ on the label.

Concerned for her family's well-being, Marilee began scrutinizing the labels of all her cleaning products. To her dismay, many contained harmful toxins that she didn't want her children exposed to. Determined to make a change, she decided it was time for a toxin detox, not just in their bathing routine but in their cleaning supplies as well.

With renewed determination, Marilee researched 100% natural cleaning alternatives. Armed with goat milk soaps, vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils, she concocted her own homemade cleaners that were safe for her large brood. 

As the family tackled each room together, the house filled with laughter and the scent of fresh, natural cleaners. Marilee felt a deep sense of accomplishment knowing that she was providing a safer, toxin-free environment for her children. 

According to the American Lung Association, certain chemicals in your cleaning products can cause chronic respiratory problems, headaches, or even allergic reactions. While this is a cause for concern, it is even more concerning for those with children and pets. 

Your family's health is a priority as you knock out your spring cleaning checklist, and that means using safe, non-toxic cleaning products.

You know what that means – time for a little refresh! But hey, let's switch it up this year. It's time for a spring clean that goes beyond just scrubbing surfaces! It's about rejuvenating both our spaces and ourselves with a touch of mindfulness and a whole lot of 100% natural love.

So, whether it's swapping out those chemical-laden household cleaners or giving your skincare routine a detox from toxic ingredients, let's embark on this journey together. Let's embrace a new chapter of cleanliness that not only makes our homes sparkle but also nurtures our bodies and skin. 

Greenwashing: What’s that?

You’ve now made the decision to keep your family and pets safe by purchasing natural cleaning products. But there’s another problem: At the store you discover a dizzying array of supposedly clean and green products listing unrecognizable ingredients.

How do you know which products are safe for my family and which are greenwashing attempts? Unfortunately, our legal system is ill-equipped to provide sufficient clarity on potentially harmful chemicals contained in both cleaning and skincare products.

According to The Environmental Working Group, “U.S. law allows manufacturers of cleaning products to use almost any ingredient they wish, including known carcinogens and substances that can harm fetal and infant development. And the government doesn’t review the safety of products before they’re sold.”

So, how do we make informed choices about the products we purchase to ensure that they’re truly healthy and safe?

One simple way is to check the labels for ingredients and certification by reputable watchdog organizations, or you can refer to resources from accredited organizations to assist you in making that final choice.

Common Toxic Ingredients to Look Out For, But You Won’t Find in our Goat Milk Products

Unfortunately, many of the products that line store shelves today are filled with toxic ingredients. Whether it’s what we clean our home with or the skincare products we use daily. Because these toxic ingredients can negatively affect your health and the health of your family, you may want to look out for and avoid them. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Synthetic Fragrance: Synthetic fragrances are man-made scents that are often added to household products in order to create unique smells. However, the companies that produce these fragrances are not required to disclose their ingredients. The ingredients can contain anything from alcohols to harsh chemicals, to phthalates, and any number of other ingredients that are harmful to the body.

GMO Oils: Even ‘handmade’ soaps and cleaners often contain petroleum based glycerin or genetically modified oils such as soybean or corn oil (often disguised under the nefarious term ‘vegetable oil’), and canola oil (genetically modified grape seed oil). The effects of consuming genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or applying them to the skin are unknown. Many countries have banned GMOs because of the lack of information regarding the long-term effects of GMOs on the human body and environment. We strongly encourage everyone to do their own research regarding GMOs and cosmetic chemicals that they may make informed decisions regarding what’s best for their family’s health as well as their own.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: A common ingredient in commercial soap and skincare products, this ingredient is also used to degrease engines and clean garage floors. But, why put it in soap? It’s a lathering agent and dissolves the oils of your skin just like it dissolves the oils on an engine block. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is just one of the numerous harsh chemicals found in other soaps and body washes that dries and irritates the skin. The skin does a great job of protecting us from harmful substances, but it can only do so much. Today, the average person harbors an unprecedented amount of foreign and hazardous chemicals in their body with children having more chemicals than adults! Could some of these chemicals be infiltrating our bodies through our skin? After reading about some of the chemicals in commercial skincare products it’s hard not to believe that this is probably the case.

Dyes: With most commercial products, dyes are often used to color cleaners synthetically. A big reason we’ve chosen to avoid using dyes is that they can be troublesome and unnecessary for those with skin sensitivities such as psoriasis and eczema. Our goat milk soap is 100% natural in color – we don’t use any type of dye to alter the look of our goat milk products.

Detergents: Most commercially produced cleaners contain synthetic additives, such as detergents, that are intended to remove dirt from the skin and other surfaces. Such detergents actually strip the skin of natural oils, leaving it dry and irritated with even just one use. Because of our deep commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients, we believe that detergents are completely unnecessary and go against the all-natural hydrating, exfoliating, and cleansing properties that are in goat milk. For this reason, we do not use detergents when making our goat milk products.

Fillers: As you can imagine, using 100% pure, all-natural ingredients is not the cheapest way to make soap. Many soap makers (both large commercial corporations and small batch soap makers alike) will add in fillers or dilutions. This makes the product volume ‘stretch’ which is done to reduce costs and increase profits. But, it also reduces the quality and purity of the soap. Because of our commitment to making products that are 100% pure and all-natural, each of our goat milk soap products are made using the highest quality of ingredients in their undiluted form with zero fillers.

Synthetic Preservatives: Chemicals like these are actually banned in other countries because they have been known to aggravate skin disorders (such as eczema), morph skin cells, compromise the integrity of the skin barrier, and more. Despite all of this, they are often found in many skincare products in the US. Synthetic preservatives are an unnecessary ingredient to have on your skin and in the products you use, so why risk it?

Phthalates: This is a man-made ingredient that is often used as a softener in many different types of cosmetics. Some research has shown that these ingredients have been linked to cancers, hormone issues, low IQ, and many other issues. These phthalates are also found in synthetic fragrances (another ingredient we refuse to use in our products at Bend Soap Company).

Parabens: These chemicals are widely used as preservatives in many skincare products. However, in the 1990s scientists found that when used, Parabens stay and build up in the body over time. Not only that, but Parabens contain agents that mimic estrogen when they enter the bloodstream. When our bodies have abnormal levels of estrogen, there is an increased potential for reproductive issues, cancer, and more. 

Alcohols: Plain and simple, this ingredient contains properties that cause the skin to dry out.

Chlorine: Chlorine, one of the most harmful cleaning products, is so widespread that it’s almost as if a house wouldn’t be considered a home without it. An ingredient in many cleaners, chlorine is also called hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen chloride, and hydrochloric acid. Chlorine is an extremely dangerous substance that can cause permanent physical damage and even death. It is a strong irritant to the lungs and the mucous membranes and has been found to cause asthma. Recent studies have linked breast cancer to chlorine exposure; it was found that women with breast cancer had 50-60% higher levels of organochlorines (chlorination byproducts) in their breast tissue than women without breast cancer. As you can see, chlorine is no friendly cleaning product. In fact, the American Public Health Association unanimously passed a resolution urging American industry to stop using chlorine.


4 Ways to Spring Clean Naturally 

  • The Big One: Throw Out Toxins
  • Start by evaluating your cleaning supplies and opting for natural alternatives like lemons, vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. These simple ingredients can effectively clean your home without the harmful chemicals found in conventional products. Not only are they safer for your family and the environment, but they are also cost-effective and versatile for various cleaning tasks.

    When it comes to your skincare routine, consider making a switch to all-natural goat milk soap skincare products. Raw goat milk is known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties, making it a gentle and effective option for all skin types. By incorporating these natural products into your daily routine, you can promote healthier skin and reduce your exposure to synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals. So this spring, take a step towards a more healthier and wholesome lifestyle by embracing these simple yet impactful changes for you and your family.

    Spring Collection Goat Milk Soaps

    It's time to bid adieu to those toxic cleansers and body washes that are harsh on your skin and embrace the goodness of goat milk soap! Picture this: a spring clean switch that's as refreshing as a lemonade on a sunny day. Lemon Lavender and Citrus Mint goat milk soaps are back, ready to elevate your skincare game to a whole new level of freshness and fun.

    Imagine lathering up with creamy goat milk soap that not only cleanses but also nourishes your skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and oh-so-happy. The zesty notes of lemon and the calming aroma of lavender dance together in perfect harmony, while the invigorating blend of citrus and mint revitalizes your senses. So say goodbye to those harsh chemicals and hello to a skincare routine that's as delightful as a spring breeze. It's time to pamper yourself with the magic of goat milk soap – your skin will thank you!

    Spring Collection Milk Baths

    Those toxic bath bombs that leave your skin feeling dry are out this season! Picture this: after a day of deep spring cleaning, immerse yourself in a luxurious milk bath filled with the goodness of calming lemon lavender or refreshing citrus mint.

    Indulge in a pampering experience that not only cleanses your body but also nourishes your skin, leaving it silky smooth and rejuvenated. Let the calming scent of lavender or the refreshing notes of citrus mint transport you to a state of pure bliss as you soak away the stresses of the day. It's like a spa day in the comfort of your own home! So why settle for harsh bath products when you can treat yourself to a relaxing goat milk bath? Embrace the luxury, unwind, and let your worries melt away in a tub of creamy goodness!

    Lemon Lavender All-Natural Scrub

    Tired of those irritating and chemical-laden body scrubs that leave your skin feeling less than stellar? Say hello to the springtime savior - the beloved Lemon Lavender Sugar Scrub is back to grace your skincare routine! This delightful scrub is your ticket to irresistibly soft skin just in time for the sunnier days ahead. Crafted with love and care, this scrub features exfoliating sugar cane that buffs away dullness, deeply hydrating oils that nourish your skin, and sweet honey to lock in moisture. With nothing but pure, all-natural ingredients, this scrub is a guilt-free indulgence for your skin.

    Embrace the refreshing scents of lemon and calming lavender as you pamper yourself with this luxurious treat. Let the zesty lemon awaken your senses while the soothing lavender relaxes your mind. So say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a natural, effective, and utterly delightful way to pamper your skin this season. Get ready to glow from head to toe with this springtime essential that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to shine!


    Lemon Lavender All-Natural Lip Butter

    Say goodbye to those toxic, yucky chapsticks and embrace the refreshing goodness of all-natural lip butter! Picture this: basking in the spring sunshine with the delightful Lemon Lavender Lip Butter by your side. It's your go-to springtime essential, 100% natural, deeply hydrating, and oh-so-versatile! Bid farewell to that unwanted shine and welcome a smooth, luscious pout that's everyone's favorite.

    With the Lemon Lavender Lip Butter, you're not just nourishing your lips; you're indulging in a burst of citrus and floral goodness that elevates your lip care routine to a whole new level. It's time to pamper yourself with a product that's as cute as it is effective, leaving your lips soft, supple, and oh-so-kissable. So, ditch the old, embrace the new, and let your lips thank you for choosing the best this spring!


    Lemon Lavender All-Natural Deodorant

    As the flowers bloom and the sun shines brighter, it's time to kick those aluminum-filled, toxic deodorants that have long overstayed their welcome in your selfcare routine! Embrace the fresh start of spring by making the switch to an all-natural deodorant that not only cares for your skin but also for your health. Say hello to our limited-edition Lemon Lavender All-Natural Deodorant, your perfect springtime companion as the weather warms up and adventures beckon!

    We combined citrusy-sweet litsea essential oil, known for its refreshing and deodorizing properties, with lavender essential oil, with its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, to invigorate your senses and keep your skin dry. Made with non-GMO plant-based oils and extracts chosen for the calming and soothing effects they have on the skin, this natural deodorant has few better ingredients (and actually works!) This delightful deodorant brings a touch of sunshine and serenity to your daily regimen – selfcare should be cute, fun, and oh-so refreshing!

  • Declutter
  • Begin decluttering your home about a week or two before you decide to spring clean. After all, you don't want to clean things you're not going to keep, right? To start decluttering your home, go through each room with a trash bag and two baskets. You'll toss trash into the trash bag, and if you find things that don't belong in a certain room, place them in one basket. If you find things you want to do away with (you no longer have use for it), place it in the second basket. You'd be surprised how much stuff you're not using anymore, and no longer require.

    You can take the things you no longer want and ornate to those less fortunate. Not only are you decluttering your home, but you're also helping others out by providing them with things they need.

  • Create a Spring Cleaning Schedule
  • Make a list of all the non-routine and large cleaning tasks in your home you need to do. Once you've created the list, you can make the decision on how you want to begin tackling them. For example, you might want to wash your curtains annually, but your garage you might want to do it twice a year.

    Plan your cleaning schedule, so it works for you. Don't try and go by someone else's cleaning schedule, since everyone is different. Some individuals like to spread tasks over different months, while others prefer to tackle everything in a few days.

    It's ultimately up to you, and really only takes a few steps to create a cleaning schedule that works for you.

    •  Forget Paper Towels

     Paper towels, while very convenient (tear, wipe, toss away), come at a cost. Instead, swap your paper towels for reusable towels. For instance, you can use sustainable bamboo reusable towels that are absorbent and strong, and you can wash them, and reuse them over and over.

    Back To You

    Yes, spring cleaning definitely takes a little time and effort, but it doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on dozens of ‘harmful’ cleaning products – some vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils will do the entire job just as well. 

    And remember, deep cleaning your home with nontoxic products not only detoxifies your body by removing harmful air pollutants, it also helps unburden your mind as you clear away the clutter. 

    Shop our ‘Just Launched’ Spring Collection to get a jumpstart on spring cleaning your skincare routine!

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    Hi Lori,

    This is a great question!

    Here’s a simple recipe for a natural cleaning solution using vinegar, essential oils, and baking soda:


    1 cup distilled white vinegar
    1 cup water
    2 tablespoons baking soda
    10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil (such as lemon, lavender, tea tree, or eucalyptus)

    In a spray bottle, combine the distilled white vinegar and water. Shake well to mix.
    Add the baking soda to the spray bottle. Be careful as it may fizz a bit when mixed with the vinegar.
    Add your chosen essential oil drops to the mixture.
    Close the spray bottle and shake well to combine all the ingredients thoroughly.
    Your cleaning solution is now ready to use!
    This solution works well as an all-purpose cleaner for various surfaces around your home. Vinegar acts as a natural disinfectant and helps to cut through grease and grime, while baking soda helps to scrub and deodorize. The essential oils not only add a pleasant scent but also have antimicrobial properties that can enhance the cleaning power of the solution.

    Remember to always test a small, inconspicuous area before using any new cleaning solution on a surface, especially if it’s sensitive or prone to damage. And avoid using vinegar on surfaces like marble or granite, as it can cause etching over time.

    We hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@bendsoap.com if you have any further questions or concerns!

    Bend Soap Company

    Dear Bend Soap
    Your Spring cleaning article is true but you did t give recipes. Why, like how much baking soda, vinegar, oils and what soap, which one?
    Cordially Lori Bray

    Lori Bray

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