New Products: Lip Butters & Sugar Scrubs

New Products: Lip Butters & Sugar Scrubs

Spring is here and we're so excited to share with you what's been happening on the farm here in Bend! It’s one of our favorite seasons here as new things start to blossom everywhere, including within our Soap House!

Yes, we're delighted to announce two new additions to this all-natural experience we’ve created here at Bend Soap Company: Our NEW sugar scrubs and lip butters!

About Our All-Natural Sugar Scrubs

As you already may know, we love soothing goat Milk Baths, and to bring an exfoliating face and body Sugar Scrub into the mix just takes the cake! With the sugar shedding of dead skin, nutrients from the nourishing oils in our slightly whipped scrub sink right in.

The sugar scrub scents:

With these all-natural sugar scrubs, your newly hydrated, soft skin will be ready for a full launch right into summer! Learn more about the non-toxic oils we use in Bend Soap Company sugar scrubs and their benefits here

About Our All-Natural Lip Butters

When lips get dry it can be so frustrating to search for a healthy balm that gets the job done. More often than not, they end up doing the complete opposite of hydrating and protecting.

Well, we’ve made it our mission to create an honest, working, quality product and it is finally here! Bend Soap Co. lip butters are made up of hydrating butters and nourishing oils. These little sticks defend your lips from riding the slopes to playing at the beach!

The lip butter scents:

Grab your own lip butter today or grab a pack of 3 to save 10%! We can't wait to hear what you think about our new products!

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I learned about your company from a friend. I made a 1st time, large order B4 Christmas. Sent mix of lip balms to Gdaughter in Portland OR. I saw her this last week and she (10) showed me it had mold on it. We threw it out. Is that typical? I’m sure you’re aware of Portland’s winter climate – certainly not tropical. 😉 I just ordered more product and unscented lip balms. Hope it doesn’t happen again, or I have to call quits with Bend Soap. Thanks for listening. Kim Ross, Valley View, TX

Kim Ross

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