How Does a Family of 10 Prep for Live TV? (Video)

How Does a Family of 10 Prep for Live TV? (Video)

Sometimes our family runs like a well-oiled machine. But other times things are a bit more hectic and chaotic. More often than not it's a little bit of both. Regardless, it's always a lot of fun.

Recently our family got a chance to experience "life on the big screen" and share what we love about our soap with a large audience. Here's an inside scoop on what it looks like to get ten people prepped, primped, and ready to proclaim...

Picture this: It's 6 am and you know you're going to be on live TV for the first time in less than 2 hours! Nervous? Oh yea! Anxious? You bet! But between now and then, we have a bigger concern: there are 10 people to feed, get looking sharp, in the car, through morning traffic, and to the studio -- on time!

Is it time to panic? Yes!  

Getting a Family of 10 Ready for Live TV

Dwight and I get into gear and divide and conquer. Here's how we prepared for our big debut.

Step 1:

Get Mama ready first (cuz she takes the longest and can get ready while everyone is still sleeping).

Step 2:

Breakfast: Since little men can't leave the house without their full 35-egg breakfast, that was chore #2.

Step 3:

Daddy starts directing traffic and making bottles while the kids tackle getting into their pre-set-out outfits (aren't they awesome?!! Special thank you to Grandma's and Grandpa's for decking the boys out each birthday in western clothes).

Pile of folded jeans and button-down shirts 

Step 4:

Load up, find directions, drive like crazy, sit in traffic, panic that you're going to be late for your first LIVE interview! Intense.

Picture taken by the Johnson family sitting in traffic on their way to the news studio 

Approaching downtown Denver, Colorado

When we arrived, all of a sudden everyone has to use the bathroom! Shirts need to be re-tucked, Royal needs another bottle (and diaper change), Vienna can't seem to sit still (what will she do in the studio?!), and the rest of the crew is staying calm and cool like they do this every day.

Panic starts to subside as we are introduced to the nicest lady who directs us to the studio.

We walk in the back door and they are already filming the LIVE show! All the little cowboy boots sneak quietly across the floor to our seats. There are four or five different sets all around us. A group of students is visiting and sitting in the audience next to us. 

We sit, watch, and listen to the hosts, Kathie J and Chris Parente, while they go to commercials, chat with the other news anchors, weatherman, etc. They are hilarious!

Then we are prepped, mic'd and led on stage. The children were awesome as the camera showed them as well.  After it was over, we snagged Chris Parente and got a photo.

Here's the Full Interview

It was such a fun experience and we loved every minute of it! Watch the video below for our full feature.


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