Hear from Owners Dwight and Marilee on the Radio

Dwight and I have been waking up at 5:30 am these last few days to do some radio interviews! #interviewsinjammies

We thought you all would enjoy hearing our voices and catching up with what's up in our world.

Ann Kelly interviews Bend Soap Company

I had the pleasure of visiting with Ann Kelly of WDUV in Tampa, Florida on April 11, 2016 answering all her questions about Bend Soap. Hear all about how things started, what the kids are up to, how many goats we're milking, and what's the deal with all these new products... Wahoo! Click here to listen to my full interview. I'm glad Ann is enjoying her Bend Soap products and we look forward to visiting with her again, soon. Thank you for taking the time to chat!  

Brent Barnett of KMA-960AM

Dwight had an interview with Brent Barnett of KMA-960AM in Iowa on April 12, 2016. Dwight has such a strong radio personality! I could listen to him all day. ;-) Hear what's so important about having natural soaps and skin care from the founder himself by listening to the full interview here

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