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Blood? Sap? Paint? Mud? Stain Removal is No Big Deal with Goat Milk Soap

Blood? Sap? Paint? Mud? Stain Removal is No Big Deal with Goat Milk Soap

Most of us have experienced some type of laundry dilemma during our lives. Maybe it's that piece of clothing that sits in the bottom of the laundry basket because we're sure it's ruined but don't want to throw it out. Maybe the kids' mud pie contest turned into a full-on mud fight. Maybe that finger paint didn't wash out with water like the bottle promised. Or maybe that cut you got on your finger didn't only hurt but left a couple nice drops of blood right on the middle of your favorite blouse.

You know that Spray n' Wash isn't going to do it (trust us, we've tried), and goodness knows what will happen if you use bleach on those jeans.

"Goat milk soap is packed full of natural oils that gently separate the stain from the fabric."

Sometimes stains are just an unavoidable part of life. But instead of spending time and money researching products that take out nasty spots without ruining the fabric, reach for your bar of goat milk soap. This is our go-to tool for eliminating blood, paint, sap, mud, coffee and other tough stains without using harmful chemicals. 

The Science Behind The Soap

Goat milk soap is packed full of natural oils that gently separate the stain from the fabric. Coconut, olive and palm oils break down the tight bonds of toughies like paint and tree sap with a little bit of scrubbing and some sudsy water. It's a simple, natural, process that beats many complex formulas for stain removal.

What People Are Saying 

"YOUR SOAP ROCKS! My hands/nails are [coffee] stain free already! I am floored! Before this I had tried literally every soap in our house and scrubbed each day." - Marcy R.


"I was thrilled to learn that Bend's Soap could take off sap AND was gentle on my little baby." - Naomi C.


"With a lot of kids in our home, a lot of stained laundry comes through the laundry room. I tried everything for taking out bloody stains, but Oxi Clean didn't work well if the stain wasn't fresh, and peroxide bleached the clothes. I tried another special formula called "Grandma's" that took out most blood, but would still leave a light stain. Finally, after seeing Bend Soap take out a paint stain, I tried it on a T-shirt that had sat with a bloody nose stain for a couple days. With some dedicated scrubbing, the blood came 100% off! I was shocked! Since then, your soap has removed many other stains in our home. It works better when the stain is fresh, but I haven't had a blood stain that hasn't come out yet! This is a lifesaver!" - Jenise J.


"I am an artist that gets paint EVERYWHERE! It was exciting to find a soap that removes acrylic paint from my clothes and furniture easily! I haven't found something that takes paint out of fabric as well as your soap." - Julie B.

Believe it's too good to be true? Try it out for yourself! Our bars of Goat Milk Soap (grab yours here for only $4.95) are available in a variety of scents and are made using only four, all-natural ingredients. Have you used our soap as a stain remover yet? If so, join the conversation by leaving a comment below and sharing what stain your goat milk soap tackled.